Yard Explosion: Part Three

Here’s a quick follow up to Yard Explosion parts One and Two. Last weekend (and much of this past week) we were kept from doing much of anything by incessant rain and fog. This weekend dawned bright and temperate, so we made a push to get the rest of the brush to the curb to be hauled off.

This is fairly representative of three passes we made with the truck bed full. Also, there’s husband.

We carried things by hand, used wheelbarrows and the truck. There’s always something satisfying about driving the truck through the yard, especially when I get to ride in the bed. Re-rehabilitating the “lawn” is totally worth it, for both the novelty and work saved.

Another angle.

 These were the last pictures taken before we got the truck stuck in the mud and had to enlist our help from a neighbor (so lucky to live near such awesome folks). By this point we’d gotten all the heavy stuff, so we just did the rest of the work with a wheelbarrow.

Our toil was made easier by playing music over our outdoor speakers (still novel despite having installed them in September for our wedding) and the first bits of spring poking out.

A white camellia whose blooms I completely missed last year.

And here is the fruit of our labor. A big ol’ pile o’ sticks and logs… the vast majority of what we chopped and hauled (a small amount was taken away two weeks ago). Needless to say, this is requiring a special pick up, which we will have to pay for, but it’s worth it not to have to make a dozen trips to and from the dump.

Street view.
Back view.

That’s it for now. We’re borrowing a tiller from my brother-in-law next weekend, so the saga will continue after that point.


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