Three Taverns Brewery Single Intent

three-taverns-single-intentBrewery: Three Taverns Brewery
Location: Decatur, GA
Brew: Single Intent

Merchant: Your Dekalb Farmers Market
Service: 4 pack 12 oz bottles

Style: Belgian (Single) Blonde/Pale Ale
Color: Golden (4 SRM)
IBU: 35
ABV: 5%

Temp: Cold. Iced in a cooler.

Smell: This has a really nice yeasty aroma full of banana and some bright citrus.

Taste: The first drag is sweet, floral and bit bready. Then it gets even more delicious as you get into it with the spicy hops adding balance. Such flavor and complexity is rare for a light, blonde brew. As with most Belgian yeasts, the more time you spend with it the more fruit you get. This is just plain lovely.

With what should you pair it?: Grapes, dry cheese and crackers would be right as home with this beer. But a big fat sandwich would work too.

3 Caps

Wayne Pelletier

September 1991. I drew from a tall, golden, hazy glass of a fresh and local hefeweizen in Bamberg Germany. Since then I've tasted more than a thousand brews. Here in the Greater Atlanta area we're pretty fortunate. Our local heavies: SweetWater, Atlanta Brewing and Terrapin all do world-class work. But the scene goes much, much deeper. That's where I like to find fresh pints. The goal is to draw attention to those finds on a 3-cap scale. Three seems simple but that isn't to say everything is great, average or terrible. Quite the contrary is the reality. I have come across very few craft/micro beers that are just no good. I assume these are all good beverages brew by good people with good intentions and you should as well. If I cross paths with a local brew that is truly terrible I won’t waste your time, or mine, writing a review. 3 CAPS: Hurry. This is a rare brew worth going out of your way to find. I swear it. 2 CAPS: A very good beer. Stands out as great in the style. 1 CAP: A decent brew that is average for the style. Prost!