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For this week’s BuHi review, we headed out to Bei Jing Kabobs with our friends from Marie, Let’s Eat! The sign at the street says Te Wei, but the sign above the restaurant only says Bei Jing Kabobs (at least in English – I concede that it could very well say Te Wei in chinese). Referencing EatBufordHighway’s 2011 post, I think it’s likely that the place changed names or hands and that the street-side signs just hasn’t been updated, but I can’t say for sure.

Te Wei Bei Jing Kabobs

Te Wei Bei Jing Kabobs stand sign

This says… something about kabobs, I am assuming.

The inside was no frills – linoleum flooring and drop ceiling. The only bits of interest were the clear plastic tables, and the fact that the floor tiles spelled out the chinese character for kabob ?.

Te Wei Bei Jing Kabobs interior

The inside, complete with a gilded, waving Maneki-neko.

Te Wei Bei Jing Kabobs menu

The menu, kind of like an all-you-can-eat sushi bar menu. This was helpful, though, because our owner/server did not seem to speak any english.

Legit chopsticks

Legit chopsticks

Between the four of us, we ordered about 14 skewers of chicken, lamb and beef, plus a hot pot to share that came with more skewers in it. We skipped the ox penis kabob, and the sheep testicle kabob, too.

Te Wei Bei Jing Kabobs Beef and Lamb Kabobs

Beef and lamb kabobs. As you can see, the tables are clear plastic.

Our Awesome Delicious Hot Pot at Te Wei Bei Jing Kabobs

Our awesome-looking hot pot.

Our Awesome Delicious Hot Pot at Te Wei Bei Jing Kabobs

Close up of the hot pot.

Resplendent corn cob kabobs

The corn cobs were kick ass. Take that, Long John Silver’s.

More kabobs, including chicken, and chicken hearts.

More kabobs, including chicken, and chicken hearts.

We all favored the lamb kabobs the most of all. Adam and I liked the rest of them as well, including the chicken hearts. They were all in the northern chinese style, and were all sprinkled with some sort of chili blend. And, the price was ridiculously cheap – $20 was the grand total. While the atmosphere is lackluster and the service average, the food is solid! The lack of vegetables, sides and adult beverages seem to place Bei Jing Kabobs in the dine-and-dash category, rather than sit-down meal category. And it fulfills that position well. 3 stars.

Bei Jing Kabobs (Te Wei?)
5090 Buford Hwy, Ste. 103
Doraville, GA 30340

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  1. Hmmm… I decided to stop here for supper. It was closed at 5:45 pm on a Tuesday night.
    It wasn’t a real problem, because, as you know, there are plenty of food choices at this spot.

    • Strange! Do you think they are closed on Tuesdays, or that they just close ridiculously early some days?

      • The sign on the door said it was supposed to be open. Perhaps they were stretching out the memorial Day weekend. Since it is only a few blocks from the office, I’ll try again sometime.

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