Q1 2012 Yard & Garden Round-Up

Forsythia in the foreground and azaleas in the back! Hyacinth. At work we just had a quarterly company review, which is always fun. We get together with beer and wine and look at everything we’ve accomplished in the past quarter. There’s all sorts of fun charts and amazing stats, with embarrassing pictures of people hidden […]

Bristly Locust

I realized only a few minutes ago that I left off one other native tree species that I am very interested in: the bristly locust. Its name sounds like a biblical plague, but I guess you can’t win ’em all. This small tree is a member of the pea family and his has those gorgeous […]

Researching Native Trees of Georgia

Last week officially started the first step of the seemingly insurmountable task of making our property our own: removing invasive species. Most of our yard is english ivy, privet, vinca and nandinas. I’m sure we’ll find more as we go along. Our first endeavor has been unearthing our patio. Not because we care for the […]