Bacon Week: Coffee Bacontini (Sort of)

While researching my alcohol-infused spirits tactics, I came across a lot of drink recipes, especially of the “bacontini” variety, probably because people think it sounds clever. Many of these involved bacon-infused alcohols, of which I have none. (Yet!) But when I saw pictures of pieces of bacon sticking out of martini glasses, and I saw […]

Bacon Week: Bacon-Infused Spirits

N00bcakes has declared this week to be Bacon Week, dishing out an interesting and delicious bacon recipe everyday this week. She has invited the rest of us to get in on the action as well. To which I said, “An excuse to make new and exciting things with bacon? %#!% yeah!” You can quote me […]

Vanilla Adventures – Part 1

I was introduced to homemade vanilla when I was still in college and have refused, out of pure snobbery, to ever use store-bought vanilla again.  I’ve been using the same bottle of vanilla extract for a few years now and have finally decided it’s time to retire the vanilla bean I’ve been using, poor abused […]