Rain Thai and Sushi Bar

I have a little bit of prejudice against thai restaurants. Not because I don’t like thai food, but because I feel like I can’t really get to know it… it feels like thai restaurants are more likely to be americanized, like many chinese restaurants are. And the name “Rain Thai and Sushi Bar” did not […]

Kang Nam

A few weeks back, before life started stomping all over my blogging schedule, Adam and I went to Kang Nam, they next stop on our northerly march up Buford Highway. Just north of Baldino’s, and across the street from the shopping center that houses Gu’s Bistro, Kang Nam’s sign proclaims Japanese Restaurant but also features […]

Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers

Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers is a Japanese and Thai restaurant in Kennesaw – with hibachi grills and a sushi bar. Fuji Hana moved into its current location – apparently absorbing the Thai Peppers thai restaurant that was there, hence the joint name and dual japanese and thai menu – mid-year in 2012. More recently, […]

Sushi Huku

I recently checked out Sushi Huku in Sandy Spring with some coworkers. Sushi Huku is a generally well-liked sushi joint that took some big hits early this year with its health score. Despite that, it has tons and tons of great reviews, and 4.5 of 5 stars in pretty much every place you look (Google, […]

Bua Thai and Sushi

I grabbed lunch yesterday at Bua Thai and Sushi in Brookhaven with some coworkers. There were four of us, and this was the first time at Bua for me and at least one other. Right off the bat we had a tiny hint of what was to come, as there was no one to be […]

Japan: Eating & Drinking In Tokyo

What follows will be a whirlwind recap of our dining experiences in Tokyo. One of the first things I learned about food culture is the prevalence of replica food. Replica food is a whole sub-industry in Japan because most restaurants utilize them to show off their products. The next thing is something we’ve probably all […]

Sushi at Home

We love to make sushi at home. Pretty healthy, challenging, fun and a nice opportunity to work together, take turns with and learn from your cooking partner, significant other, children, etc. Mad props to Matt Ruby for teaching me to make it! First-time sushi-makers (and everyone else):The episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown “Wake […]