Yen Jing Chinese Restaurant

This week for our Buford Highway excursion, Adam and I visited Yen Jing Chinese Restaurant, replete with a super-precious sign on the front door. This place is surprisingly huge (full width of the photo below), and has the air of a place that was once very, very nice and very busy, but isn’t as much […]

Ming’s B.B.Q.

We recently had the opportunity to share another BuHi meal with Grant and Marie of Marie, Let’s Eat, with toddler and teenaged girlchild in tow. Hooray! Unfortunately, once we ruled out places that one or the other couple had already been to, things were looking a bit sparse at Asian Square. We settled for Ming’s […]

Harmony Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant

This week we teamed up with Grant and Marie of Marie, Let’s Eat for a lovely dinner at Harmony, a vegetarian chinese restaurant. Perhaps you’ve seen their epicurean conquests on Urbanspoon, where Marie, Let’s Eat is ranked #3 for all Atlanta-area blogs (and in the top 100 for all blogs there). If you’re not familiar […]