Thirteen Pies

Sadly Thirteen Pies closed in May of 2016. This place will be sorely missed! The Friday lunch crew and I checked out Thirteen Pies recently, at Anish’s suggestion. Thirteen Pies is known for its ultra-thin crusts, twelve standard pizza pies, and changeable thirteenth pizza flavor. Upon reading the menu, the Spotted Trotter Guanciale Farm Egg […]


This post is incredibly overdue, as Adam and I first visited Ribalta for a media event in October. As with Yeh Tuh, we decided a refresher would help provide more accuracy and extra depth to what might have otherwise been a bit of a stale post. Here’s the run-down from our first visit, shortly after […]

Varuni Napoli

Anyone familiar with the current Atlanta dining scene would be remiss to mention the Neapolitan pizza explosion as one of growing restaurant trends around town. Varuni Napoli is one of the newer ones that have opened in Midtown (Monroe & Piedmont). Most of the Neapolitan restaurants around town frame themselves as authentic, certified, imported ingredients, […]

Don Antonio by Starita Addendum

SO SAD that thing joint closed, in the middle of 2015. Emily and I were recently invited to Don Antonio to preview their new summer menu. My initial thought when Emily asked if I wanted to go is “are you sure it was Don Antonio?” The reason I asked is because every neapolitan pizza spot […]

Marietta Pizza Company

While visiting my Cobb County-dwelling parents recently, we ducked over to the Marietta Square in the cold and the rain to grab a large cheese pizza from a favorite of my parents, Marietta Pizza Company. Marietta Pizza Company has two locations and this, the first location, is prominently located on a corner of the Square. […]

Westside Pizzeria

For this dining adventure, we went off-off-Buford Highway with Grant and Marie for some pizza. After a very favorable mention in the AJC, the Westside Pizzeria suddenly became a must-try. This is an area I passed frequently while growing up traveling between my childhood home in Marietta and my grandparents’ home in Atlanta that was […]

Pizza Patron

By early 2015, Pizza Patron closed and was replaced by Mi Pizza. Pizza Patron is a Texas-based “Latin Life” pizza company, founded in 1986. There are less than 150 locations in eight states. The one on Buford Highway is the only one in Georgia, so it doesn’t fit our definition of a fully-saturated chain. So […]

CheeZies Pizza

My first reaction to the exterior of CheeZies was dread at the thought of greasy pizza (any pizza at all, for that matter), followed shortly by laughter at the sign on the window – CALIZONES. Haha, I thought. Those dummies can’t spell calzone. Maybe we don’t even have to eat there, I thought. Maybe it doesn’t […]