Oranjestad, Aruba

After leaving Willemstad, Curacao, the ship traveled around the northernmost point of Aruba overnight, and we woke up in port at Oranjestad, Aruba. First thing, we hopped on a catamaran with about 80 other people to sail up the coast to snorkel. This shore excursion was also purchased through Princess Cruises. It was one of […]

Willemstad, Curacao

After a relaxing day at sea (more on that later) after Princess Cays, the Caribbean Princess came into port at the Mega Pier in Willemstad, Curacao. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the medical evacuation of the lady that fell in the spa back in Princess Cays resulted in a delay that the captain and crew were […]

Amsterdam V: Street Art

This is the last post from this vacation. So, if you’re totally sick of it, take heart. As someone who has had a lifelong appreciation of graffiti, I am prone to taking a lot of street art pics whenever I travel. I have many such photos from Atlanta, NYC,  and New Orleans. It is always fun to […]

Amsterdam IV: Windmills & Such

The two of us in fromt of IJsselmeer – a gigantic freshwater lake. Next on our bus tour, we went to Afsluitdijk (the Great Enclosing Dike). This mammoth thing was thought up in 1891, and built from 1927 to 1933. It blocked off the Zuiderzee (South Sea) from the Waddenzee (Wadden Sea). The Zuiderzee covered […]

Amsterdam III: Tulips

This post doesn’t actually take place in Amsterdam at all, but out in the countryside of the Netherlands. We took a day tour, traveling by bus, to see what the Netherlands is all about. A view of some fields and housing in the back.  These large areas of reclaimed land are called polders. We were […]

Amsterdam II

I left off at the gates of the Hortus Botanicus. Founded in 1638, it is one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens, and is most famous for its large collection of cycads.  The HB has three greenhouses in different climates. This is the South African one.  Several of the buildings had catwalks that were accessible […]

Amsterdam I

So, Adam and I went to Amsterdam last week. It was pretty awesome. I took a bunch of mediocre pics. Surprisingly crappier than normal, actually. I think I need to commandeer Adam’s camera, because more than six years of near-constant use has just about killed mine. Anyway, here’s a selection of the pics from the […]