Say Hello to Mary!

Today, I am happy to welcome Mary to the spatialdrift fold. Longtime readers know her from n00bcakes, !blog, and as the mistress of the cake at my wedding. As of yesterday we merged all of the back-posts for both of her blogs into the database here at spatialdrift, and all of her awesome content is […]

Four-Year Blogiversary!

Can you believe it? Today is the spatialdrift’s four-year blogerversary! It all started out in 2010 with a half-baked idea to make something to write regularly, a post about making sushi at home on a free Blogspot blog, and no small amount of inspiration coming from working closely with consummate bloggers Lar and Cath of […]

Bacon Week: Bacon Apple Pie (Take Two)

Remember the bacon apple pie from last year? It looked pretty damn amazing if I do say so myself, but its performance in pleasing my palate was less than I could have hoped for. Well, I made a remix of this concept on the fly this year after accidentally burning a bunch of beer-candied bacon. […]

Bacon Week: Bacon Chickpea Soup

Our next Bacon Week cooking adventure is a fairly simple soup featuring a half-pound of bacon. The inspiration and the basic recipe is from Mrs. Ellwood’s Simple Life and was found on Pinterest. I’ve never made chickpea soup before, but the hubs and I frequently enjoy lentil soup, split pea soup, and bean-heavy chilis, so […]

Bacon Week: Beer-Candied Bacon

It’s Bacon Week time once again! We’re kicking it off with a remix of part of a past recipe: the candied bacon from the maple bacon ice cream. Once again, with feeling! This year though, we’ll be using a recipe found on, in order two best combine two of the best things food things […]

Gingerbread Roll Cake

Over at n00bcakes, my fancy-pants baking blog (protip: it is neither fancy nor contains pants), I baked up an interesting recipe recently.  If you read it you’ll find that I actually hold a certain amount of animosity towards this cake, but the good news – spoiler alert – is that we make amends and I […]

Thanksgiving Blagging

It’s been tough to keep up with NaBloPoMo during this Thanksgiving week.  Not only am I spending this week with family and friends, but I’m also spending a lot of it in full-time programmer mode with my new self-employment venture (including late-night dinner meetings – DARN YOU DINNER MEETINGS!) So I hope you’ll forgive me […]

Minimalism Week 3: Breaking Habits

Another week, another set of minimalism challenges.  Here’s the set for this week: Sleep on it (rather than immediately buying an item you want, sleep on it and consider the pros and cons of owning it) Tackling sentimental items Declutter your shoe collection Virtual disconnect (a 3-day challenge) Keep only the necessities in the kitchen […]

The Best Wedding Cake

Made with love. Our wedding cake was a real winner. There are several reasons why, and if I really wanted to elaborate, I could probably write a good ol’ fashioned IB essay with a three prong thesis. But I’ll try to resist the urge. I will still give you three reasons why our cake was […]


It’s like a vision… This weekend we had help from not only dear Ashley, but also our good friends Mary (of n00bcakes) and her s.o. Scott. Between the five of us (and Ripley), we certainly got a lot of work done (hence patiowned). Having extra hands makes all the difference. I’ve found myself thinking often […]

A Bit of A Mish-Mash

Things are coming along, little by little and generally all at the same time. The majority of the invitations are already sent or about to be sent, though we will be continuing to squeeze in more friends as the summer wears on and other people RSVP. Here’s a poorly-lighted sneak peak of the lovely hand-pulled […]

Let Me Eat Cake!

I’d make a fine wedding cake, don’t you think?! Photo Credit: Stylefrizz It turns out the cake is also a big part of the wedding experience. We are both thrilled and lucky to have Mary of n00bcakes making the cake for our big day. It’s really enriched the whole experience to work with our dear […]

Bacon Week: Bacon-Infused Spirits

N00bcakes has declared this week to be Bacon Week, dishing out an interesting and delicious bacon recipe everyday this week. She has invited the rest of us to get in on the action as well. To which I said, “An excuse to make new and exciting things with bacon? %#!% yeah!” You can quote me […]

Marshmallow Layer Brownies

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph another of Mary’s fine n00bcakes creations: marshmallow layer brownies. As far as the brownies themselves go, I had them later on and I can definite say they were oh-my-sweet-gawd delicious. Check out her post about them here. The triangles of gooey deliciousness. As far as the photos […]

Southern Sweets

Photo by Mary I recently visited Decatur’s own Southern Sweets with Mary of n00bcakes. I had never been before, but had heard great things about them from Decaturites. They are tucked back in an industrial district, but boy are they worth the search! Once back home, I took some pictures of the goodies we were […]

A n00bcake for Me? A Tale of Birthday Bliss

Before. My good friend Mary of n00bcakes recently came into possession of a large quantity of fresh Florida oranges and generously decided to take recipe idea requests. Mary not only selected the retro-oriented* recipe I suggested but also surprised me with the gorgeous and tasty finished product for my birthday. OM NOM NOM. It’s called […]