Japan: Final Thoughts On Tokyo

This post wraps up my ramblings about our trip to Tokyo, Japan. It mostly includes things that didn’t fit into other posts, as well as the trip home on American Airlines first class. On the ground, Tokyo feels vibrant and busy, metropolitan in a way that is exciting but not unlike a cleaner, friendlier New […]

Japan: Eating & Drinking In Tokyo

What follows will be a whirlwind recap of our dining experiences in Tokyo. One of the first things I learned about food culture is the prevalence of replica food. Replica food is a whole sub-industry in Japan because most restaurants utilize them to show off their products. The next thing is something we’ve probably all […]

Japan: Transportation in Tokyo

Here’s a little summarizing post about the various methods of getting around in Tokyo and how they worked out for us. You can rent cars and take buses in Japan, but they’re really more for rural areas. For all our traveling about, we never even came close to leaving the city, so these methods were […]

Japan: Akihabara, Tokyo

One district of Tokyo we knew couldn’t be missed is Akihabara, also known as Electric Town, or just Akiba for short. According to Wikipedia, Akihabara (秋葉原) means “Field of Autumn Leaves.” I am not sure what that means, or where the name comes from, but I did understand what Wikipedia said next: “Akihabara is a […]

Japan: Sensoji Temple

Visiting temples and shrines in Japan is a great thing to do, not just for the cultural and historical significance of these sites, but also because aside from the cost of train fare, they are free. Adam and I skipped over to visit the Sensoji Temple, a Buddhist temple that is Tokyo’s oldest (built in […]

Japan: Odaiba

While in Tokyo, we took a train over to Odaiba, a large artificial island on the seashore. It was initially built in the 1850s for defense purposes but has since been turned into a shopping, tourist, and liesure area. There are several shopping centers, some beaches, museums, and theme parks. The train on the way […]

Japan: Yasukuni Shrine & Yushukan Museum

While we were in Tokyo, Adam and I also took a quick jaunt over to the sometimes controversial Yasukuni Shrine and Yushukan Museum. Yasukuni is a Shinto shrine built in the late 1800s to commemorate the lives of Japanese nationalists who died during the Boshin War, for the Meiji Restoration. The souls (kami) of those […]

Japan: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

One of the places we visited in Tokyo is the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Initially built in the 1800s for royalty, and completed in 1906, the gardens were destroyed in 1945. They were restored, and in 1947 they became known as the Shinjuku Imperial Gardens, and renamed again in 2001 as the Shinjuku Gyoen National […]

Japan: Flying To Toyko

Back in March, Adam and I found ourselves flying to Tokyo, Japan for a week. Adam had a conference to attend, and I had been saving American Airlines (AA) points so I could tag along. To get there, I purchased a one-way flight on points from Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, to Narita International Airport, through Chicago […]

Warm and Fuzzy Feelings, and Sugar

This month has been a super month for warm and fuzzy feelings in regards to food. First, if you haven’t heard already, the Nudie Foodies cookbook is available for purchase! I did a small blog post about this a month or so back, but to refresh your memory and update the information I had there, […]

Nudie Foodies – Nekkid Chefs Helping Out Japan

After the initial shock of an incredible disaster like the one that recently befell Japan I think it’s easy to forget about it if you’re not directly involved.  The media eventually finds something more timely to report, you already made your donation to help when the disaster first struck, and life, for us, settles back […]