Hong Kong City

There are a number of eateries called Hong Kong City across this city (and country for that matter), but this particular Hong Kong City’s website makes it look like a single-location operation with only the Buford Highway address listed. Tucked into a corner of the Crossroads Village shopping center, right next to Mariscos La Riviera […]

Man Chun Hong

We are beginning to reach the end of the high-density section of Buford Highway with this project. We’ve already passed the end of the classical definition of the Buford Highway cultural corridor – less than 9 miles of Buford Highway’s 50-mile length. But there is one last cluster of high density, and that is where […]

House of Chan

Last week Adam and I went to the House of Chan for lunch with some of the fine folks from the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. House of Chan seems to be a polarizing little chinese restaurant in Smyrna. People seem to love it or hate it. We arrived a little late (I just […]