Puras Tortas

Plaza Fiesta is a bright and busy shopping mall on the southern end of Buford Highway. It is filled with all sorts of shopfronts: western wear, jewelry, a tattoo parlor, quinceanera dresses, home furnishing, etc. There is also an indoor playground and a food court. When we first started out on this whole Buford Highway […]

Rincon Latino

On the southern side of the Northwoods Plaza is Rincon Latino, a large and nicely-appointed latin restaurant. It stayed pretty busy the entire time we were there, which is unusual for many of the Buford Highway places we visit. Anyway, we were quickly greeted and seated. While we perused the menus, we were given a […]

La Kermex

This building has since been demolished, and I am not aware of La Kermex relocating, so I am presuming that this restaurant is closed. If you have any further information about the fate of La Kermex, please let me know by commenting on this page! This week, we headed out to dinner at the highly-regarded […]

Las Tortas Locas

Las Tortas Locas is a mexican sandwich joint located in an adjacent but not easily spotted section of shops abutting Orient Center. It has a large selection of tortas as well as some tacos, burritos and the like. You order before you sit at one of the pretty run-of-the-mill tables, and your food is cooked […]

Taqueria Los Rayos

I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed about going to Taqueria Los Rayos this week – at first. We were out for our (mostly) weekly BuHi adventure with Ash, Steve and his brother, Jeff, from out of town. The lack of curb appeal of this place made me a little sad for having a visiting […]

Pollo Campero

Pollo Campero’s presence on BuHi presented an interesting conundrum for Adam and I. We had been skipping Waffle Houses, Pizza Huts and the like due to their national chain status. We even skipped the HoneyBaked Ham (which I have never eaten at), because they have more than 400 locations nationwide. And here was Pollo Campero, […]

Taqueria Michoacan

This week for the Buford Highway Food Expedition, we circled back to that cash-only taqueria: Taqueria Michoacan. For those who may not know Michoacán, or Michoacán de Ocampo, is a Mexican state. This place is in the same little strip area as La Pastorcita and 1st Wok – a very latino area. The first time we walked by, it […]