Liquid Bliss Cupcakes Recipe

In early May I took a trip out Terrapin Brewery in Athens for a birthday party, and in the spirit of the birthday boy’s festivities I decided to make a batch of boozy cupcakes with one of their sweetest beers: the Liquid Bliss Porter, a porter brewed with cocoa nibs and peanut butter essence. This […]

JtB’s Chocolate Peppermint Roll with Ganache

This is a post that really should have gone up in December during the holidays, but TOO BAD – you will be getting it now! As usual, for the holidays I was in charge of providing dessert for the family, and this year I scored with Joy the Baker’s Chocolate Peppermint Roll with Chocolate Ganache. […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ugly Cake

Earlier this month my coolio friend Adam had a birthday party.  It was all grilling, blue skies, light breezes and good times.  Oh, and did I mention delicious but incredibly ugly cakes? Last year I made him a pretty similar chocolate-peanut butter cake, but this time I found a different recipe I wanted to try. […]

Halloween Recipe: Stabby Cupcakes

Soooo this post is a little later than it was supposed to be…my bad. >.> About once or twice a month I putter through Michael’s craft store to take a peek at what kind of nifty new things they have around, be they seasonal or otherwise.  I used to do this just for yarn (I […]

WeddSplosion: Cake Tasting Part 3

WeddSplosion III: The Cake of Doom I’ve started giving the WeddSplosion episodes names. After the wedding cake project started rolling in a serious sort of way, Emily came to me with a recipe she’d gotten from a friend.  “Apparently it’s supposed to be really good,” she explained, “They said they’ve made it for several weddings […]

Macaron Failure

With a flurry of excitement, I recently convinced myself that not only was I going to finally tackle a batch of macarons, but that it was also going to be easy.  I’ve been reading a lot of macaron recipes these days…that’s probably why I talked myself into it. Apparently by now everyone else has gotten […]

WeddSplosion: Marble Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

I promised some WeddSplosion activity, so here’s the first installment. First: Hooray Jeanne and Malcolm!  This cake wishes you both a most excellent life together.  Many platonic hugs, Me. A few weeks ago I made a Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting, specifically in preparation for the cake you see here.  The icing is, of […]

Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

I had an early Easter dinner with my parents on Saturday.  They’re going to visit my Grandmother for Easter this year and I won’t be able to go with them, darn plane tickets being so expensive these days.  So instead of skipping Easter dinner altogether (unacceptable!) we had it a week early.  And, of course, […]

Peppermint Stick Cupcake Followup

I’m sure everyone is wondering what happened with the peppermint stick cupcakes I baked last month for a contest at work.  On the edge of your seat, I know. Well, the bad news is that I did not win the dessert contest. ;_;  I think the 3 winners were a lemon-raspberry tart, a seven layer […]