Golden BBQ

The curse of this location continues! Golden BBQ closed in the second half of 2015 Sometimes, being on a constant Buford Highway Food Expedition can be a burden. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a first world problem type of thing, but still. Sometimes I really want to explore more of a place, or I […]

Oriental Pearl

A while ago, I joined the Buford Highway Foodies Meetup on and commenced lurking. Finally, the stars and schedules aligned and I joined the group for Dim Sum the weekend after Thanksgiving at Oriental Pearl in Chamblee. Longtime readers may recall the basic concepts of dim sum from our posts about the Canton House […]

Dim Sum Heaven

The husband and I teamed up with Ashley and Stephen to tackle the next eatery in Pinetree Plaza… Dim Sum Heaven. We were excited to have another dim sum place to review, having only ever been to Canton House (several times, and loved it every time) for dim sum in Atlanta. The interior is pretty […]

Canton House

By an extremely lucky coincidence, this weekend was Chinese New Year. Happy New Year everyone. This is also the weekend that we come to Canton House, one of Atlanta’s most prominent dim sum restaurants. We went to Canton House with a group of friends to celebrate Chinese New Year by eating entirely too much dim […]