Cafe Bombay

Cafe Bombay is one of those places I have been to a few times but never got around to writing up for this lil’ ol’ website of mine. Well today that changes! I brought Adam along for his first experience at Cafe Bombay (or Bombay Indian Bistro, depending on which side of the restaurant you […]

Cardamom Hill

Cardamom Hill closed toward the end of 2014… sadness!!! A while back Adam had to leave the country on a business trip, and we decided to grab a nice dinner together before he left. I’d heard a lot about Cardamom Hill and Asha Gomez, so what better excuse to go try out Cardamom Hill? I […]

Al-Amin Halal Restaurant

I have been waiting to arrive at Al-Amin with some excitement, as I hadn’t dined at a halal restaurant before (until our recent trip to Purnima, of course). And finally Adam, Ashley, Stephen and myself got to go. We went on a Saturday evening at dusk. The place was empty when we arrived, though a […]