Bacon Week 2015: Steamed Bacon Dumplings

Ever heard of steamed pork dumplings? These are one and the same! Except the pork in question is, of course, bacon. For the last day of Bacon Week I got to try another new recipe – dumplings! I’ve never steamed anything other than vegetables before (and them almost always in the microwave, not over the […]

Bacon Week 2015: Choco-Bacon Filled Donuts

This recipe came to me after a couple of my previously planned ones totally flopped (don’t expect to be seeing bacon-filled pierogies until next year, that’s all I’m sayin’!). I think donuts full of chocolate and bacon, however, are a reasonable substitute, yes? I don’t eat doughnuts very often, but when I get the chance […]

Bacon Week 2015: Maple Bacon Biscuit Bake

For this year’s Bacon Week, I am contributing my experience with this Maple Bacon Biscuit Bake. After having done Bacon Week for several years, the recipes start to kind of look the same and fall into two categories: “crazy to pull off technically/oh god why” or “something you regularly make just with added bacon.” For […]

Bacon Week 2015: Bacon Jam Redux

A couple Bacon Week-years ago one of the recipes I made was “Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam” – a recipe I ruined pretty hardcore. At the time I claimed I wanted to try again in the future, and this year I figured, why not let that future be now? This Bacon Jam Redux turned out way […]

Beer-Candied Bacon Fudge

To wrap up Bacon Week 2014, we took that good batch of beer-glazed bacon and made bacon fudge! I got this idea on Pinterest as well, but I didn’t like the approach outlined by the site I saw, so I flew by the seat of my pants on this one, too. We started with the […]

Bacon Week: Bacon Chickpea Soup

Our next Bacon Week cooking adventure is a fairly simple soup featuring a half-pound of bacon. The inspiration and the basic recipe is from Mrs. Ellwood’s Simple Life and was found on Pinterest. I’ve never made chickpea soup before, but the hubs and I frequently enjoy lentil soup, split pea soup, and bean-heavy chilis, so […]

BaconFest 2013!

Ah, another year, another BaconFest under my belt!  It was a lovely warm afternoon for being outside and eating bacon, and only started to cloud up after my bacon-buddy Steven and I were well on our way back home (funny how standing around in the sun can really take it out of you. /strikes dramatic […]

Bacon Week: Maple Bacon Ice Cream

For my Bacon Week finale (I can’t make it to BaconFest this year), we have here some maple bacon ice cream. I casually perused the internet for bacon ice cream recipes and ruminated on my recent experience with the floppy, unappetizing bacon in the bacon apple pie, I decided to go with a crispy candied […]

Bacon Week: Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Scramble

For day two of Bacon Week 2013, I made a bacon and brussels sprouts hash/scrambled eggs dish. I first saw this recipe concept on Pinterest. That particular pin linked to this Food for My Family recipe, which serves as the springboard for today’s Bacon Week celebration meal. Ingredients: 1 lb bag of Brussels sprouts 1/2 […]

Bacon Week: Avocado, Bacon, and Crab Bowl

It’s n00bcakes’ Bacon Week time again! Bring on America’s pork product of choice! I wasn’t able to join in last year, due to my own disorganization, so I was extra careful to pay attention and ensure that I would be able to participate as much as possible this year. To start off Bacon Week 2013, […]

Bacon Fest 2012!

Bacon Fest!  It was today!  And it was awesome! Good news – Bacon Fest was completely sold out this year!  I was glad to see that the tickets had sold so well and to see so many people there; it’s nice to see local theaters get the support they so richly deserve.  It was also […]

Bacon Week: Piggy Pie

Hey look – I’M ALIVE! Yes, it’s true: I woke up this morning well enough to hobble out the door and not cough on too many people.  Hooray! So in celebration, I decided to take the time to take the most hideous pictures ever seen of what I’m calling “Piggy Pie”! …Also called spinach pie […]

Bacon Week: Joy the Baker’s Coffee Bacon Sandwiches

Bacon Week Day Two!  As expected, I have something lovingly planned.  Just for you. Earlier this month I began planning for Bacon Week and was pleased to come across Joy’s recipe for Coffee Bacon Sandwiches.  Coffee?  Bacon?  Two of the best things in the world, along with, maybe, goat cheese?  WHAT?  THIS HAS GOAT CHEESE […]

Savory Breakfast Buns

I recently spied a crazy-good-looking recipe at The Pastry Affair.  Her Chocolate-Filled Buns recipe made me positively drool, and I immediately wanted to work with yeasted dough again. But as much as I love chocolate, I had another filling in mind for my version.  You may recall a few months ago when the Daring Baker’s […]

March Daring Bakers: Yeasted Meringue Coffee Cake

Whew, thank goodness Bacon Week is done!  @.@  This weeks’ posting will be a bit lighter because my pets are angry with me, my apartment is a wreck, and gosh-darnit, I want a bit of a baking break.  QQ, I know. But I still have obligations to fill!  That’s right, it’s the time of the […]