Stillhouse Craft Burgers & Moonshine

Stillhouse closed over the 2015-2016 New Year’s holiday.

Stillhouse Craft Burgers and Moonshine

A little while back I met a friend over drinks and burgers a Stillhouse. I tried to come to Stillhouse for lunch a few months back, but unfortunately they weren’t open for lunch quite yet. As of this writing, I don’t believe they are yet, but they will be soon! As you might guess by the name, the things to have here are burgers and moonshine and that’s just what I had.

Stillhouse Craft Burgers and Moonshine

Outside courtyard.

I arrived early, so I ponied up to the bar to peruse the moonshine list. Of course, when most people think of moonshine we’re thinking of the white lightning, the mountain dew, or the hooch – illegal whiskey distilled by hand, usually in Appalachia. Well, folks still make that kind of moonshine – I’ve had some, and know a lot of people who “know a guy”. It’s not completely uncommon, at least not here in the south. But moonshine simply style of distilled liquor and it doesn’t necessarily have to be produced illegally. It’s simply un-aged whiskey that’s bottled straight off the still. And it’s delicious.

Stillhouse Craft Burgers and Moonshine the bar area

Bar counter.

At the bar, I sampled Catdaddy and Ivy Mountain (Georgia-made), and got a serving of Tim Smith’s Climax – with a name like that, how can you not? The Climax was good, the Ivy Mountain Georgia Mash seemed harsh (like you’d expect young whiskey to be) but that may be because I tried it after the Catdaddy moonshine, which is a heavy, sweet, spiced moonshine that tastes like all the loveliness in egg nog, just without the dairy and eggs. Definitely a great choice for folks who aren’t sure what to get or are anxious about not liking moonshine.

Ivy Mountain Georgia Mash moonshine

Now, I was completely ignorant of the option to smoke your drink. Apparently, for three extra bucks, they’ll set a piece of wood on fire in your drink to infuse a smokey flavor. If I had known that, I would certainly have got it. Alas, I’ll have to save it for another trip.

Stillhouse Craft Burgers and Moonshine the seating area

Seating area..

In short order, my dining companion arrived and we grabbed a booth. We were having such a good time (of course I was after all that moonshine, right?!) that it took a while to get around to ordering, but we eventually managed it. I got the Augusta BBQ burger: two beef patties, pimento cheese, barbecue sauce, pulled pork, pickle, and cole slaw (~$9). It came with the upside-down top bun that Stillhouse is known for. I assembled it and dug in – yum. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Augusta BBQ burger from the Stillhouse

The Augusta BBQ burger.

My companion got the PB&J burger: two beef patties, Georgia peanut hummus, fig jam, freshly sliced peach, blue cheese and pecans (~$9). It sounded really intriguing, but the Augusta was calling my name and I couldn’t resist. The Skeeter Branch duck burger, duck patties and duck confit and other goodies, also sounded really intriguing. I think a second trip will have to be worked in to our schedule at some point, so I can have that burger, a smoked drink, and show the place off to Adam.

PB&J burger from the Stillhouse

PB&J burger.

I had a great time at Stillhouse! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and I had a great time chatting with them. Getting samples of the moonshine before committing to an $8-16 drink was a nicety I wasn’t expecting but very much appreciated. The burger was great, regardless of whether it was due to the moonshine’s influence or not. This joint is definitely worth a shot if you’re interesting in trying unique drinks and food and don’t mind paying around $10 each for those items. Despite my tightfisted nature, I can’t help but give it less than 4 stars.

Stillhouse Craft Burgers & Moonshine
56 East Andrews Drive NW
Atlanta, GA 30305

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