Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

When my beloved Ashley said she wanted to celebrate her birthday with a trip to the Sky Zone indoor trampoline park, I was both excited and apprehensive.


Lockers fer yer things.

Despite my love of trampolines I have never been very good at doing anything cool on them, and anyhow it has been a few years since my peak-trampoline-skills days such as they were. We all bought our tickets ($14) in advance online to ensure we would all be able to jump at the same time, which was a pretty painless process.

When we arrived at the Roswell location I was even more apprehensive – the place was crawling with young kids, so many and young that I felt a bit like that the trampoline park equivalent of the adult without kids hanging out on the playground. But these anxieties soon went away when we got out trampoline shoes (as gross as bowling shoes) on and headed into the space, which is a converted Home Depot.

Sky Zone Roswell Interior

For people to eat or parents to wait. The place on the top right is an overlook.

We went to the foam pit first, where we definitely were the only adults. Still it was pretty fun to jump, though the extra-springiness of the trampolines threw me off and I never really got a good dive in. Everyone else did though, and Stephen’s was so good he lost his glasses and we spent several anxious moments fishing around for them in foam blocks. Which allowed me to see close up how gross some of the older blocks are. Oh well, still fun.

There was a Sky Zone photographer who was taking fantastic pics of kids jumping in by jumping in at te same time as them, usually head first while snapping photos furiously. It seemed like a lot of fun to do, and it was certainly fun to watch.

The foam pit

The foam pit

Me, no doubt teasing my husband who is trying to get out of the pit

Me, no doubt teasing my husband who is trying to get out of the pit.

Then I jump and learn for myself it's not so easy to get out of the pit

Then I jump and learn for myself it’s not so easy to get out of the pit.

Stephen's epic leap.

The beginning of Stephen’s epic leap.

Glasses search

And the subsequent search for missing glasses.

After recovering the glasses, we bypassed the basketball area for trampoline-enabled slam dunks (a really cool idea), and headed to the main trampoline area for some free jumping.

Indoor trampoline park

Free jump. Right after this was taken, the employees – who were friendly and fun, by the way – directed kids toward one end and adults toward the other to avoid the accidental crushing of little ones.

This is where I learned that I am 1) not good anymore 2) not as flexible anymore 3) not as well-balanced anymore and 4) too chicken to backflip off the wall. I wound up bouncing around meekly in a corner, lamenting at how old and out of breath I was feeling, until an employee shouted out that a dodgeball game was starting up for those 13 and up. Word.

Free jump at Sky Zone

Sorry to the dude who’s actually in focus, but this pic of Stephen was too cool not to include.

You can see in this shot that the main area is long and narrow

You can see in this shot that the main area is long and narrow… there is just as much gym out of the frame to the right
as you see here to the left. If that made any sense at all.

After we went to play dodgeball, I took no more pictures because I was either furiously playing dodgeball or cheering/booing people playing dodgeball and having way too much fun to think about taking photos. Dodgeball did the trick for me. Having an objective helped me focus on having fun rather than how hot, sweaty, and out of breath I was. I played dodgeball until we ran out of time, and really recommend it to any one not “feeling” the other Sky Zone activities.

Speaking of other Sky Zone activities, I thought it was rather clever of them to have trampoline fitness classes. It seems like the kind of novelty that could really attract people.

The hubs and I definitely felt it the next morning (and the next night, when we ran the Glow-in-Dark 5k, haha), but we had a good time. I definitely won’t have any concerns about trampoline parks being just for kids in the future, and you shouldn’t either – it seems like a great idea for a celebration for both kids and adults.

Sky Zone Roswell
1425 Market Blvd
Roswell, GA ‎


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