Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for something delicious to to stuff into peoples’ presents when the holiday season comes around.  If that’s the case (or if you just want something to stuff your own face with), you need to take a good hard look at this gem here.




What’s that?  You don’t see a picture of cookies here?  Just a picture of a giant can of pumpkin puree?  Oh that’s right.



Sorry guys – these cookies ended up going so fast, to family, presents, and *cough* in my stomach, that I completely forgot to take pictures of the final product.  It’s okay though – just head over to Bake Me Away!  I yoinked this recipe from there and Jessica has lovely pictures of the final product.  Again, many apologies.  You’ll have to bear with a bunch of process photos instead. >.>

Anyway, in addition to wanting to eat a new flavor of chocolate cookies, I also had a papa bear-sized can of pumpkin puree I needed to work off.  Since I got sick over Thanksgiving and was unable to make several pumpkin-related recipes I’ve been looking to rustle up recipes requiring pumpkin.  And thus, this one made its way onto my list.

29oz Pumpkin


These cookies are perhaps a little more time-intensive than I’d usually aim for (you know me – the fewer steps it takes to complete, the happier I am).  Still, it’s not too much more than creaming together butter and sugar, then adding dry ingredients.

Plus, there’s something about creaming butter and brown sugar that’s so pretty.

Brown Sugar & Butter


These cookies have quickly become one of my all-time favorites.  The pumpkin keeps them soft and cakey and the oats give them a little extra chewy texture.  Plus if you like the pumpkin and chocolate flavor combination, there’s really no losing.  When I get back from my Christmas vacationing I’m positive another giant batch of these will be whipped up.

Pumpkin Closeup

Mushy Pumpkin Mush

What’s also great is that they’re just as good after they’ve sat for awhile as opposed to when they come fresh out of the oven, which I found interesting.  Typically most cookies I make are much better fresh than a few days later, but these held the flavor and texture wonderfully over time…in fact I’m tempted to say that the chocolate actually further permeated the rest of the cookie making them, in my opinion, delicious.

Chocolate Chips

The final touch…

I’ve had compliments from a friend and I know for sure that I like them, but the final test will come for me this evening when I feed them to my family.  Not, frankly, that my family’s a picky bunch…still, hopefully they’ll all give the final stamp of approval.

So that’s it for me – I’m actually sitting in the airport as we speak, leaching off of AirTran’s internet, giving them all my financial secrets, ONOZ.  In my bag is my laptop, pajamas, and 2 loaves of kolache/povitica.  I wouldn’t want to travel any other way. ^_^

Everybody have a safe and wonderful holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas or anything else (or nothing at all!).  And if I don’t see anyone – Happy New Year!

Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yoinked from Bake Me Away!

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  1. Haha, this is the best post I’ve seen here since two posts ago:D I wish you the most beautimus holiday vacation, free from all that ball-and-chain cookie baking business! Take care:)

  2. YUM!
    Where did Airtran take you? Are you in town? I’d like to see you before 2012 (b/c I won’t be back in the USA until NEXT Christmas!)…

  3. @Emma – Yay! Glad my writing hits your funny bone. 😀 Thanks for the holiday wishes – right back atcha!

    @Anna – AirTran took me to Pennsylvania – the land of my whole family. 😀 Sorry we didn’t get the opportunity to meet up; please be safe! ;_;

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