Pollo D’el Rey

This week’s expedition brings us to Pollo d’el Rey, in Chamblee. In a dubious looking strip, this restaurant has blackened windows, so it was really hard to get a read of the place before going inside. However, we’re committed to dining at ALL the places, so it really didn’t matter.

Pollo d'el Rey buford highway

When we inside, the place was totally empty, aside from one friendly guy who approached us and led us to a table, while latin music played. I’m not sure if we arrived before Pollo d’el Rey opened, and he was just being nice to us, or if they were just getting a slow start.

Our server informed us that this was a peruvian restaurant, which I did not know. He also helpfully informed us about the house specialty, the rotisserie chicken.

Pollo d'el Rey interior

The decor leaves something to be desired…

Pollo d'el Rey interior under construction

…but it seems that they are under construction, so maybe it will be nicer soon?

It was around this time that the latin music turned off, and AC/DC began blaring. I can’t help but think that perhaps this sudden change was for us. I felt kind of bad, but then I kept catching myself singing along with all the classic rock playing throughout the meal. Oh well.

Pollo d'el Rey condiments

Our waiter brought these three condiments to our table and explained them to us. From left to right: ordinary ketchup, aji (peruvian salsa verde), and some tasty mayonaise-based sauce for the chicken.

We ordered aguadito de mariscos soup ($10.99) and the Combo B, a rotisserie half-chicken that comes with a garden salad and french fries ($11.50). We subbed out the french fries for yuca fries.

Aguadito de Mariscos

The aguadito de mariscos.

Aguadito de mariscos is a traditional soup with rice, garlic, peas, bell pepper, cassava, lots of cilantro and a variety of seafood – shrimp, squid, and mussel. It was very tasty, and a good value for the price.

Rotisserie chicken and yuca fries

The Combo B: Rotisserie half chicken and yuca fries.

Side salad from Combo B at Pollo d'el Rey

Side salad, pre-tossed with a tasty ranch-like dressing.

The Combo B was delicious. The chicken was very well-spiced and very, very juicy. This was the best chicken we’ve had in a long time! The yuca fries were good, but not as good at ones I had from Pollo Campero (though probably a lot more healthy than those). The salad was also good! The house sauces were amazing! The hubs and I especially loved the mayo-based one, but the salsa verde was also good.

The service was fantastic, the food was great, and though the atmosphere was somewhat lacking, it seems that may be changing soon. Four stars!

Pollo d’el Rey
4763 Buford Hwy,
Atlanta GA 30341

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