Pho Bac

Pho Bac Buford Highway Chamblee

Pho Bac is a fairly large pho joint in Orient Center that seems to be cut from the same cloth as Lee’s Bakery and Pho Dai Loi #2 – a large open space with tables pushed together, to be used family-style if need be. Condiment and utensil caddies are numerous and well-stocked. The decor is nothing special, but the place was clean and well-kept.

Pho Bac interior

Condiment Caddy at Pho Bac

The condiment caddy, replete with the usual suspects.

Our service was very prompt, and very polite. We were offered forks in a polite but not patronizing way. The food came out very quickly.

Medium-sized steak and flank pho.

Medium-sized steak and flank pho.

Bun Dac Biet

Bun dac biet, special combination vermicelli bowl.

Fish sauce and pho accessories

Fish sauce and pho accessories.

We ordered the medium-sized steak and flank pho ($7.25). I missed the vietnamese name. Someone near us ordered a large, and it was in fact, quite large. Adam liked it, but declared that Lee’s pho is better.

My bun dac biet ($9.50) – vermicelli and combination meats with veggies and delicious fish sauce was of a decent size as well. I enjoyed it, but Pho Dai Loi #2’s is better, and it is significantly cheaper there, as well.

I also ordered a ca phe sua nong – hot espresso with sweetened condensed milk ($2.95). I saw Ash and Steve have them plenty of times, and I knew I had a long night ahead, so caffeine sounded like a great plan. It was great – sweet and muddy. It was super-caffeinated, and I found it difficult to drink quickly.

Ca phe sua nong

Ca phe sua nong – hot espresso with sweetened condensed milk.

Pho Bac is a solid choice for the vietnamese standards, though we think other places do our favorite dishes better, and most of the vietnamese restaurants we’ve gone to are slightly cheaper as well. All in all, nothing fantastic, but nothing bad either. Just average. 3 stars.

Pho Bac
4897 Buford Highway, Suite 105
Chamblee, GA 30341

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