Making Homemade Popcorn

We’ve been getting these popping corn cobs from our CSA boxes. Curious. I’d never seen popping corn like this, only like in the aluminium pans, like Jiffy Pop.

Popping Corn Cob

Here’s what the popping corn we get from the CSA box looks like.

So what to do? Internet research turned up a few options, including just putting the whole thing in the microwave. That seemed a little messy and disconcerting, so we went with a stove top method.

Stripping the kernels

Stripping the kernels from the cob.

So we stripped the cobs, and put the kernels in a pan with oil.

Heating the kernels

Heating the kernels.

Then we simply turned on the heat, and that was it! So simple. The key is to turn off the heat, when the majority of the kernels get going, and just shake the kernels around until the popping tapers off.

Finished homemade popcorn

The finished homemade popcorn.

Amazing how simple and fast this was. Commercial popcorn, replete with crazy chemicals, is so bad for you and I have avoided it for so long, I had forgotten how nice snacking on popcorn can be.

A second attempt at popcorn

Our second round of popcorn popping went better.

We’ve been getting these pretty frequently, so we’ve recently gotten the chance to perfect the process, resulting in better made, less burned kernels. The next step is to try some interesting flavors – maybe truffle oil, rosemary, and parmesan. Maybe something spicy with sriracha or paprika.

Our second round of popcorn popping went better


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5 thoughts on “Making Homemade Popcorn

  1. Homemade popcorn is the only way to go! I am a huge popcorn snob, I can’t even stomach microwave popcorn (nor do I own a microwave) but homemade is the best! My favorite flavors are lemon pepper with parmesan cheese and a dash of cayenne or honey butter glazed if I’m feeling like a sweet treat 🙂

  2. How neat! I’ve had an air-popper for awhile (as to avoid aforementioned chemicals), but typically laze-out at a little bit of melted butter on top. For the record, though, I’m a BIG fan of popcorn with curry powder on it! It lends a little savory zing that makes is super-tasty.

  3. I love homemade popcorn and even made some today! I also just saw a TV show about buttered popcorn grits made with homemade popcorn–may be worth trying?

  4. A bit of lime juice and cayenne is also good!

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