New Project: Buford Highway Food Expedition

So. I’ve gotten slightly tired of having a blog that is starting to feel like me rambling on about how awesome I am and the awesome things I do. I don’t mind (and plan to continue) sharing major life points, amusing randomness, and DIY stuff, including talking about big projects that we are inclined to do. I’m still proud of the things we accomplish, but it’s not like we’re at it every single weekend, and in between those times it seems like we’ve gotten to the point where I’m like “I bought a dishwasher. Here’s a photo so you can see how pretty it is. Yay me.” Too narcissistic, even for me. So I’ve been slightly uncomfortable and bored of it, pretty much stopped blogging despite actually getting a dishwasher – haha – as well as repainting the master bedroom, making a vanity area in the spare bedroom, and getting an incredible dining room table (wedding gift from our best man, Vasili) that I will probably still blog about, because it’s that special. The point is, I have to blog about stuff I love and am interested in, and day to day I’m not ripping up my entire yard/kitchen/whatever and doing groundbreaking work. My blog needs a life for the inbetween times.

So I ask myself, what do I love? Well, I have a lot of varied interests that I am passionate about. Which is why this blaggity-blag has never has a theme. I love gardening, and I’ll make a post when something cool happens, but I’m not going to post about weeding and watering. I love cooking and eating, but it’s a huge pain to try to document weeknight meals – I’m just trying to get fed and unwind. Okay, so what do I love and that is reasonable to blog about? Then I had a bolt of inspiration. A love, a theme, a set beginning and end, and a strict, set approach that appeals to the nerdy in me. Something that includes my husband and occasionally my friends. Something dear to my heart and near to my domicile. Friendly on the pocketbook…

BUFORD HIGHWAY! Credit: City-Data

All the deliciousness on Buford Highway. All of it. In order. Every single restaurant.

And that’s what we’re doing. We’re calling it the Buford Highway Food Expedition. I expect that it will take us a long time. Which is fine with me, ‘cuz I love me some food, of all ethnicities (so far!). We’re going to try to make it fun and informative, while sharing the Buford Highway love. And we’re kicking it off this weekend!

While researching this project, I discovered EatBufordHighway, who has been blogging on Buford’s awesome food scene for 3+ years and takes better pictures than me and writes just as well – okay, probably better. I just joined the twitter feed for sneak peeks and insider info, but we’re still doing this thing because I can’t find that anyone has done it the way we plan to – strictly in sequence. This means no deliberation before resorting to a place we know we like instead of broadening our horizons, or judging a place by its hole-in-the-wall appearance. If it serves food, we’re going there and consuming some. (We’re still undecided on grocery stores, since there are many and it’s likely they offer ready-made food. Your opinions on this matter are appreciated.)

We’re starting at the intersection of BH and Lenox Rd., and working our way north to parts unknown. We know we’ll definitely be going north of 1-285, but haven’t been stomping around enough to yet know where a good place is to call it quits.

So, that’s the news. I’m pretty stoked about it, because I still feel like BH is a bit of a hidden gem, despite the fine work of EatBufordHighway, mentions by The Creative Loafing and much more. Is it the unassuming looks of the strip centers and re-purposed buildings along these seven lanes? Is it too much culture for most? (That would make me sad.) At any rate, I love eating, trying new things, and I’ll enjoy the mental/creatives exercise of trying to photograph food (so hard for me) and to write in an interesting manner.


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5 thoughts on “New Project: Buford Highway Food Expedition

  1. SIGN ME UP.

    Also, having varied interests is why I have n00bcakes and !Blog…they give me more of a distinct "domestic" and "technology" outlet areas. 😀

  2. You should definitely come along and proffer your opinion when you're able! Sadly, the next restaurant is a Waffle House… lol.

  3. You have to try Bismillah Cafe , the gyro are great and my favorite is the chicken swarma Biriyani

    • I’m not sure how we missed that place! Has it been open for more than 2 years?

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