Mediterranean Stuffed Pork Loin

Photo Credit: Mark’s Daily Apple

This recipe from Mark’s Daily Apple
appealed to the Mediterranean in me. I really could just sit around and eat olives all day, everyday. Feta, too.

We made some pretty big adjustments to this recipe – some accidentally, and some out of practicality. pork tenderloin chops are part of our bulk meat buys from Costco, because they typically cost $1.50/lb or less. This recipe is geared to the pork loin roast, which we don’t typically buy, at around $10/pkg.

So, we butterflied our pork tenderloins, followed the recipe mostly (forgot the nuts!), wrapped them individually in foil, and spend a great evening chatting with the neighbors around the grill. We frequently try to take meat off the grill before it is ready, and in anticipating this, we totally overcooked our meal. It was still delicious, however, and we’ll definitely try to get it right, soon.

Edit: Years later, and this is stile a summer staple for my house, though I do now regularly use full pork tenderloins, and not the pork chops. I also regularly remember to use the correct ingredients (amazing!), and often drizzle the leftovers with Hot Squeeze. This is a great paleo meal for entertaining a small group in the summertime, because the dish comes off as being so fancy, and the grilling lends it self to gathering outside with a few brews to enjoy the day. I definitely recommend trying this Mediterranean pork tenderloin recipe!


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  1. As a follow-up, we make this meal regularly now – twice last week (there was a sale on tenderloin)! We typically get the recipe right, too. Huzzah.

  2. A ha now I have a link to that recipe! I am happy to have found your blog. I'll read whatever you post. 🙂

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