Meat Week: Heirloom Market

Apparently there’s this awesome thing called Meat Week. It ran all last week. I probably should have written about it sooner, but oh well. That’s why you should be friends with n00bcakes, like I am. Then you can know all about these things, too.

Clearly, all watermarked photos in this post belong to Mr. Gravanis. See here for more.

Anyway, the last public event of Meat Week ATL was Heirloom Market. A group of us showed up unannounced to join in the fun, wreak havoc, and eat delicious meats.

Havoc-wrecking commenced!

This place is cool. It’s half all-American barbecue-ness, and half Korean-style flair. In fact, this establishment of greasy-fingered dining is co-chef’ed by both American and a Korean culinary experts. The result is what the restaurant’s website refers to as “Seoul food.” What’s not to love?

The special of the day was a spicy Korean pork sandwich, which I naturally ordered along with a side of the cabbage and black-eyed peas and Korean sweet potatoes. The sandwich was good, though I think I personally would have enjoyed the spicy Korean pork more in a non-sandwich form, and used a different style of meat for the BBQ sandwich role. But that’s me.

This was my food. Although by the time of this photo, I had already inhaled the siracha-covered pickles and my side of cabbage and black-eyed peas.

Now, there was a slight misunderstanding on my part about the Korean sweet potatoes. See, I read that phrase as sweet potatoes that are done in a Korean way. Right up my alley. In actuality, it meant normal potatoes done in a Korean way that is sweet-tasting. Paleo/primals, be warned. That said, they were delicious. This is the second veggie meal I have had where I pledged to go come and buy black sesame seeds immediately. Haven’t done it yet, but they are seriously good. The cabbage/black-eyed peas were fine, and I tried the Brunswick stew and mac ‘n’ cheese, which were both excellent.

I think I can safely say that a good time was had by all. We look forward to next year’s Meat Week – Hopefully we’ll be able to hit up more than one event! In the meantime, definitely check out Heirloom Market. It’s one of those wonderful places that has a (lack of) curb appeal that belies the depth of awesomenss waiting inside.

Our group of rogue Meat-Weekers. Thanks again to Mr. Gravanis for taking awesome pics and sharing them online.
I love the look of pure bliss husband is giving this delightful scene.
Pure awesome.
Oh, and I took horrible pics on my cell phone (whereas I usually take horrible pics on my once-upon-a-time $500 camera). Here they are:

Delicious sauces
Meat Week peeps we didn’t know, but that were cool. That’s our Captain, Tracy Galasso, in the center.
Frands. Though maybe not after posting this pic! Love you guys…
More Steven shenanigans. Lolwhut.
A pic of us that turned out me be mostly of Adam’s shirt. Whee.

Ze End!

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5 thoughts on “Meat Week: Heirloom Market

  1. Meat week?! That sounds amazing (extra-especially amazing seeing as I've been vegan this past month — boo). I would have assumed the same about the Korean Sweet Potatoes. Don't regular potatoes seem like a carby indulgence now? Like people eat those white things?! With butter?!! And cream?!!! Sadly, Scotland hasn't really caught on to smoked meat and bbq (they've smoked their fish for centuries, why not game?), so I will live vicariously through your meat adventures.

  2. Regular potatoes do! I don't understand their appeal anymore. I couldn't finish the Korean-style ones, despite their being fairly tasty! Props to your willpower, L, I could never do vegan!

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