Meat Week: Bone Lick BBQ

Remember Meat Week from last year? Well, the earth has gone around the sun once more, and it is Meat Week again! For those who don’t remember and don’t feel like taking the link, Meat Week is a national event, where groups in local areas organize an entire week’s worth of delicious meaty meet-ups.

Last night the hubs and I, along with Mary (of the newly redesigned n00bcakes) and some of her coworkers, headed over to bone Lick BBQ in Westside to participate.

Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013

Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013

The interior decor is a mix of the industrial and the eclectic.

Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013

The arcade area. Right behind this is the most ancient and most awesome skeeball machine I have ever seen.

As you can see, we were greeted by Meat Week name:

Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013

There is a ScoutMob out for Bone Lick, so between all our various smartphones, we obtained a few bags of truffle oil and bacon popcorn, and boiled peanuts with jalepenos.

Bacon and truffle popcorn

Popcorn with bacon and truffle oil. I wasn’t sure at first, but it grew on me. And then I felt gross.

jalepeno boiled peanuts - bone lick BBQ

Jalepeno boiled peanuts. Veyr tasty. But I am Georgian; I love boiled peanuts.

While we waited for the food, we perused the menu and checked out the variety of sauces available on the table.

Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013

Menu. Looks awesome, but is entirely too difficult to maneuver.

Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013

Adam and I got the fat ass sampler for $26. This was particularly awesome because not only is it a five meat combo plate with a side, when one is brought out of the kitchen, the server yells “Hey everyone!”and the restaurant yells back “Fat ass!” Awesome. And it was super, super delicious. Honestly, it was an incredible amount of food for $26. Adam and I both ate our fill, and we brought home leftovers to boot. Great value, we highly recommend this approach.

Fat Ass Sampler at Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013

The fat ass sampler with jalepeno mac ‘n’ cheese at Bone Lick BBQ.

bacon wrapped sausage at Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013

Bacon-wrapped sausage from the fat ass sampler.

Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013


Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013

Mary got the special of the night, lamb ribs with red curry sauce and some kind of awesome side salad. She was kind enough to give me a bite, and it was delicious!

Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013

Lamb ribs with red curry sauce, on a bed of rice with an asian-inspired side salad.

meat smile Bone Lick BBQ - Meat Week 2013I will say that while this Meat Week excursion was fun, the service really struggled to keep up with the influx of people. We had to ask for things multiple times to receive them, etc. Adam and I have already decided that Bone Lick deserves another shot at a time when they are not being overrun by the carnivores of Meat Week.

There are still three more Meat Week 2013 events, so check out the website and see if you can attend one (or all). It’s sure to be both fun and delicious!

Group shot lifted from the Atlanta chapter’s Facebook page:

Meat Week Atlanta's Group shot at Bone Lick BBQ

Bone Lick BBQ
1133 Huff Road
Atlanta, GA 30318

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