Meat Week 2013: Heirloom Market

Ah, Heirloom Market.  It’s what drew me to Meat Week last year, and I surely wasn’t going to miss it again in 2013!  Saturday I attended what was my final day of participation in Meat Week’s Atlanta Chapter.  And surely, it could not have been tastier!

The Meat Week Mantra

The Meat Week Mantra

Typically when I go to Heirloom (which I’d say is around once a month, since it’s so close to my apartment) I head straight for their sandwiches; they’re always delicious and they’re usually the lowest-cost way to get BBQ into my mouth.  Saturday, though – not unlike when I was at Bone Lick – I was feelin’ ribs.  A 1/4 rack of ribs and mac’n’cheese made its way onto my plate.  And these ribs?  Amazing!  If I cheap-out on ribs I have to fight them to get to the meat, but these literally fell right off the bone.  I always eat ribs with my fingers anyway (no standing on ceremony when it comes to Meat Week), but these I could simply pull the meat straight off of.  Wonderful, wonderful.

Combined with Heirloom’s array of sauces – Hotlanta, Settler, and Korean, to name a few – these ribs were absolutely dynamite!



There’s a lot of great menu options at Heirloom, both in terms of main courses and sides; typically they always have several delicious specials, too.  They were touting a Short-Rib Sandwich on Saturday which I hear was delicious, and their Spicy Korean BBQ sandwich, a special they have frequently, is one of my all-time favorites of theirs.  When it comes to sides I always go for the mac and cheese – it’s creamy, delicious, and just a touch spicy – but this time around I had the opportunity to try some others.  The tempura-style sweet potatoes were especially delicious; I’m not really sure how I’ve lived this long without eating them.

There were less people at Heirloom than there were at Bone Lick, so while delicious, it was a pretty mellow lunch.  But it was a lovely sunny day (albeit a little chilly) and the meat-filled companionship was excellent.

Heirloom Group Picture

Heirloom Group Picture (yoinked from the Meat Week FB Page!)

I was sad to see Meat Week come to an end for me, but it was really fun seeing some of the same faces as last year and expanding my meat experimentation to an extra restaurant (one to which I’ll definitely be returning!).  If you didn’t get an opportunity to try out Meat Week this year in your own respective location, definitely hook up with your local chapter now so you won’t miss it next time!  It’s fun and ridiculous and, of course, delicious.  Bring your friends, stuff your face, and have a good time.


Check out Heirloom Market’s Web Site!  Did you know that Heirloom caters now?



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4 thoughts on “Meat Week 2013: Heirloom Market

  1. We had ribs over the weekend. And then I had them again for lunch yesterday. And then I had sticky orangey ribby juice all over my face. And it was hella hella good. I wish every week was meat week on your blog! Such inspiring delights for my tummy:)

  2. @Emily – For srs. Hope next year you can make it to Heirloom! 😀

    @Kale – HAH! I had the exact same thought. XD

    @Emma – Rib juice on your face is the BEST place for rib juice to be. I love ribs, but am terrible at making them. Meat Week is the *perfect* excuse to splurge a little for ribs at a restaurant (instead of just getting a sammich :D)!

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