March Flora

Just a quick post with a few more floral happenings in the garden. This year is the most exciting, since this is our first spring in the house and we are discovering all the flowers for the first time.

Forsythia. Very interesting to note the difference between this “maintained” bush in the front of the house and the escaped or generally untended ones in the back.

Daffodils, who doesn’t like them? Happy to see more than just the typical yellow or yellow or orange on yellow variety.

I know I already posted pics of hellebores, but that was just the first wave, and these have been very impressive bloomers.
So purty!

The yardwork is coming along, pretty flowers or no pretty flowers, allergies or no allergies (wahhhh). There are actually still some fall leaves in a neglected corner area, and there is always, always ivy to pull. Oh is there ivy to pull. Ivy-pulling party anyone? I’ll have beer and pizza! We’ll work together, it will be fun, right? Right?

Anyway, if anyone happens to be a big fan of camellias, stayed tuned! Camellia-only post coming soon.


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One thought on “March Flora

  1. I love daffodils; they're so happy. XD I really like that forsynthia too…I'm not sure I've ever seen one before. Can't wait to see what your yard looks like come full-on springtime. 🙂

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