Madras Chettinaad

A couple of weeks back Adam and I had the pleasure of dining at Madras Chettinaad in Alpharetta with our dear friends Susan and Richard. Susan and Richard had eaten at Madras several times previously and wanted to share the place with us.

Madras Chettinaad

We made the trek up to Alpharetta with relative ease, located the restaurant in the strip shopping center, and got settled in. The inside is large, spacious and tastefully understated.

Madras Chettinaad interior

Madras Chettinaad menu

The menu.

We were brought out some papadum (or papadam) with dipping sauces, and Richard, Adam and I got things started with a large Kingfisher beer each.

Papadum app

For appetizers, we ordered a chat samosa (or chaat samosa) to split, and spinach and onion pakoras. The chaat samosa was good, but I think we also felt like there were so many flavors of chutneys and yogurt that the samosa itself was overshadowed and hard to taste. That being said, the flavors were interesting and went together well. It was a very interesting dish.

Chat Samosa

Chaat samosa ($3).

The pakoras were quite tasty, but Chai Pani’s kale pakoras have stolen my heart.

Onion spinach pakoras

Onion spinach pakoras ($4).

For dinner we went family-style, ordering four entrees to split: lamb chettinaad, kadai paneer tikka masala, chole bhatura, and madras masala grilled fish.

Lamb Chettinaad

Lamb chettinaad ($12).

Kadai Paneer Tikka Masala

Kadai paneer tikka masala ($10).

Everything was tasty, but the two standouts in my opinion were the madras masala grilled fish and the chole bhatura. I can’t say that I’d ever seen a fish dish in an indian restaurant before coming to Madras Chettinaad, and there were a couple to choose from. The fish was absolutely to die for. It was cooked perfectly; blackened on the outside and succulent on the inside, and coated in delicious spices – imagine a more exotic and complicated chili and lime kind of thing. Simply amazing. A 5-star dish.

Madras Masala Grilled Fish

Madras masala grilled fish ($12).

The chole bhatura was a unique and fun item: two large, hollow pillows of bread served with a delectable garbanzo bean masala curry. Very good.

Chole Bhatura

Chole bhatura ($9).

Madras Chettinaad Naan

Well also got some naan with our meal.

Susan and Richard were nice enough to send their thoughts on Madras Chettinaad to me to share here with you.

Richard: “I have eaten there twice and I would give it a four. Some dishes are better than others and that difference is a little wide in my opinion. Some of the dishes are fives and others, threes. All that equals 4 stars.”

Susan: “I concur with Richard on the 4. My favorite dish was the fish.”

While Madras is certainly farther away from us now than when it used to be on Lawrenceville Highway, it was worth the trek. It was truly a fine outing of the indian variety. There is a large, varied menu and decent beverage selection, all at reasonable prices. 4 stars.

Madras Chettinaad
4305 State Bridge Road, #108
Alpharetta, GA 30022

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  1. Great place – used to go here when I worked on Mansell Rd. For closer Indian – try Cafe Bombay 2615 Briarcliff Rd and Zyka 1677 Scott Blvd – Zyka is fantastic, cheap and eclectic – located inside an old church: order at the counter, pick up food on paper plates, get your own water and plastic utensils and find a table, usually packed with Indian families… Our usual:Chicken 65, butter chicken, samosa, mutton (goat) briyani and naan.

    • I’m a Cafe Bombay fan, but have never tried Zyka – I’ll have to make a point to do so, thanks!

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