Lee’s Bakery

Next up, Lee’s Bakery, which was highly recommended to me by my boss, who encouraged me to get the #1 combo (not to be confused with the #1 shown on the board in the pic below). Adam and I were joined by our partners in BuHi feasts, Ash and Steve.

Order before you sit if you want it to go.

Lee’s seems to very successfully do double-duty as a legit bakery (I saw people leaving with bags and bags of bread), and as a bustling eat-in or take-out restaurant.

The bakery side of Lee’s Bakery.
More bakery items.

After seating ourselves at the end of a long communal table, we eyed the condiment tray greedily and perused the menu. Finally, a chance for me to try the banh mi – a vietnamese sandwich that has recently become very popular amongst the hipsters and foodies.

The tasty condiment tray.

I ordered the Combo #1 – half banh mi sandwich and bowl of beef soup ($10). Adam went for the #2 – half banh mi and seafood soup ($10). Steve went for a full banh mi (an astonishingly cheap $3), and Ash ordered the soba soup ($6.50).

Adam and I’s half bahn mi sandwiches.

I can easily see the popularity of the banh mi. Light, crunchy veggies pair with sweet-spicy warm meat, on perfectly-baked bread. All the taste types were present. Also, if you buy five, you get the sixth one free! What more is there to want? Now I know why Lee’s Bakery is purported to have the best banh mi in town.

The beef soup.

While I enjoyed my soup well enough, I thought that both the seafood soup and the soba soup had more flavorful broth bases. 

The seafood soup.
The soba soup.
Our boba teas, L2R: passion fruit, avocado, taro, and strawberry.

There was also a decent selection of bubble teas (in this case boba shakes) to choose from. I had the avocado one and enjoyed it quite a lot. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed theirs but Steve who thought the passion fruit was a little too sweet. A couple that sat near us actually sent back their passion fruit (which I thought was rude, but whatever). At any rate, we were all quite full by the end of the meal, and very satisfied with the cost of the meal. Our averaged score was 4 stars. Lee’s Bakery is definitely worth a stop if you’ve never been.

Lee’s Bakery
4005 Buford Hwy NE
Atlanta, GA 30345

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