La Pastorcita

La Pastorcita shares a building with a Western Union. It is an authentic mexican place, so I will warn you now if you’re not prepared. The music is loud. LOUD. There is a jukebox full of mexican music that the guys sitting at the bar keep well-fed. There are multiple TVs blasting the same soap opera at a loud enough volume to compete with the jukebox. The menus are completely in spanish, and while the servers do speak tolerable english for serving you, if you have any specific questions you won’t get far in english.

Having said all that, yum! We saw tons of big ceviche-filled glasses going out to tables the whole time we were there, so it seems likely that the ceviche is good there. We’ll have to come back and try it sometime. Apparently they often have mariachi bands playing in the restaurant… that could be interesting.

We started out with a agua de tamarindo, which was tasty, and ordered Fajitas Locas (steak, pork and shrimp) and… something we very unfortunately forgot the name of… sorry! It was under entrees and had chiles, nopalitos and really delicious pork in it. It was served fajita-style, with all the fixings and such on a plate with beans and rice, and a separate plate of tortillas. I could swear the dish started with a “C,” but in the name of Buford Highway Food Expedition progress, we’ll not have the time to go back and look it up – at least in the immediate future. At any rate, they were both quite good.

My nameless meal in the front, Adam’s fajita fixings in the back. Salsa caddy on the die… so good.

Besides being loud, the atmosphere was fine enough – there was a large pergola-thing taking up half the room (I am starting to notice that as a trend in our BHFE roamings), and some other generic decorations. I was too busy watching soap operas and eating delicious food to really notice. Also, it was fairly crowded and I felt a little goofy trying to whip out a big-ass DSLR. I guess I need to get over that.

The meat portion of Adam’s Fajitas Locas. So tasty! Also, you can see part of the tamarindo in the back, next to the fixings.

Summary: Tasty food, sizeable portions, and good pricing. While the food had heat, it wasn’t as flavorful as we might have expected, but it’s hard to say if we’re just inexperienced with the subtleties of true mexican cuisine, ruined by texmex, or both/neither. At any rate, we were quite pleased. 4 stars! If you are shy and feel out of place easily, this place may not be the best for you, but everyone was very friendly and we didn’t feel like we got the stink-eye for not being latino – either by the staff or the other patrons.

La Pastorcita
3304 Buford Hwy
Atlanta, GA 30329

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