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The Buford Highway Food Expedition led us to King Buffet this week. This all-you-can-eat affair is only $7.50 per person including tax! Quite cheap. However, I should say that it has mostly poor reviews online.

One day, I will have a blog post where I don’t say “Don’t mind Adam’s expression, he did enjoy _____.”

This place seems built for crowds, with lots of tables and booths, separated with those frosted glass panels that seem to exist in all chinese buffets. There were four TVs on, two in spanish and two in english, playing soap operas and court shows. There were also some of the standard fake plants floating on the walls and the back-lit picture of some asian locale. The buffet area consisted of thee hot bars, three cold bars, and a mongolian grill (where you pick raw ingredients and someone cooks it all for you on a big grill).

Teh noms.

The food itself was standard buffet fare, but with a better-than-average seafood selection. I saw (and consumed) many dishes with clams, mussels, baby octopus, crayfish, many types of shrimp. There is also a raw oyster bar, but Yelp tells me that their shipment day is Thursday, so I did not partake. The soups were actually sub-par – I couldn’t bring myself to finish the hot & sour soup I sampled, nor the egg drop soup I tried next, hoping for a better soup experience.

Lol, mac and cheese.

There were the typical chinese food buffet desserts – little rolls and squares of sweet thing, a large fruit selection, jellos, puddings and rice pudding. There were some unusual flavored nuts in the dessert section, too. Naturally, there was also an ice cream machine.

I’m sorry, what?

We received average service, some of the many female servers were very cold and unsmiling, and others quite nice. We had to wait a bit to check out, so I had ample time to review their selection of balloons, belly-rings, Christmas candy and colored contacts. No, I did not make any of that up.

All you can eat plus belly-rings and color contacts – of course!

In the end, we thought it was pretty average for a cheap chinese buffet, with demerits for poor soup quality, but bonus points for the large selection of seafood. We’ve been spoiled by more authentic fare, but it is a standard example of an american chinese buffet. 3 stars.

King Buffet
3303 Buford Highway, Suite 470
Atlanta, GA 30329

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