July Flora

We’ve had more of what I call swamp hibiscus.

July went by wicked fast, and I have way too much on my plate. Part of what helps is seeing pretty things in the yard as I rush off to work, side projects, errands or even if I’m just walking back and forth and back and forth (and back and forth) with lots of big heavy stones. Or sand. Or gravel.

And more of what I call swamp hibiscus.
Still more of what I call swamp hibiscus.
Trumpet vine still going, despite the antics of a particular bird that likes to drink the nectar and then rip off the flower.
Four o’clocks still going strong. I’m collecting all the seeds and throwing them in a different part of the yard for next year.
Little uncared for volunteer marigolds that survived the winter in an aboveground container. Hardy little things
Yellow gladiolus
Close-up of the yellow gladiolus.
Tons and tons of Rose of Sharon – in three different colors!
Darker shade of Rose of Sharon
White Rose of Sharon
I different kind of what I term Swamp Hibiscus
So exotic-looking!
White crape myrtle. By the way, it blew my mind when I learned it is “crape” and not “crepe”. Crepe makes so much more sense to me.
Deep pink crape myrtle.

Well, it was certainly a flowery July. I’m hoping there will be something out there that can beat the August heat!


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