Hannah Skoonberg’s One-Woman Show at LFC

There’s a great gal out there in the world making beautiful art named Hannah Skoonberg. I went to high school with her, which was fortunate for me, since being Facebook friends with her has allowed me to be able to see her art develop over time. Her forte is relief printmaking and hey boy is she good at what she does. I have quite a lot of future purchases lined up (but at least I own one already/for now). Having dabbled in relief printmaking in high school (and other types in college), I have a big appreciation for the care and artistry that go into these delightful works.

Meditation See it and more in Hannah’s Esty store
Now that we’ve established my rabid devotion to Hannah’s art, it should come as no surprise that when I heard LFC was considering participating in the Decatur Wine Festival’s Art Walk, Hannah was the first person to pop into my mind as being perfect for a one-man show in the offices. And I said as much. And, luckily for me, that’s exactly how it went down.

6 by 6 Project
It was really great to see behind-the-scenes how Hannah and her mom, Susan, selected pieces and determined their placement. The pieces, beyond being beautiful, have these really wonderful conversations (Emilyspeak for the way in which the pieces relate to one another and how one processes them as one moves through the office) in the space. It has been inspiring to work in the space every day and see how much more pleasant and relaxing it is for the presence and placement of these works. The 6 by 6 Project, pictured above, looks absolutely stunning on display in the front window.
The artist and myself with one piece of her Night Descends on the Mountain triptych
A bunch of people came out to support the Art Walk, LFC, and Hannah, and a great time was had by all. Thanks to those who came and to my bosses, who let me talk them into it. I highly recommend checking out Hannah’s website, Etsy storefront and blog entry about this show.


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