FTF: Sandwich Buddha

This installment of Food Truck Friday at Atlanta’s Food Truck Park features the tasty Sandwich Buddha!

Sandwich Buddha

Sandwich Buddha!

Sandwich Buddha has a handful of, frankly, DELICIOUS sandwich flavors.  The ham and brie was particularly tempting (with fuji apple mustard.  Does that NOT sound amazingly delicious?), but since it’s been so hot here a nice cool peppered chicken with asiago sounded like just the ticket.

Peppered Chicken & Asiago

Peppered Chicken & Asiago

Besides having peppered chicken and asiago (duh) the sandwich included sprouts and tomatoes.  What truly made me want to try this sandwich, though, (besides it sounding nice and cool on a hot day) was the taragon mayonnaise.  I love fancily flavored condiments; they’re an easy way to make a boring sandwich more interesting, and it seems to be something that Sandwich Buddha excels at.  Taragon mayo?  Fuji apple mustard?  Sun dried tomato mayo?  …Oh man, now my stomach is growling. >.>

The sandwich was great!  At first I thought it might be a little small, but by the time I was partially through it, it was clearly going to be enough food (though for those of you with bigger appetites, you might want to snag a bag of chips to go with it).  The chicken was “real” chicken – not deli-style – and was thickly cut, but not to the sandwich’s detriment.  The asiago was potent and the vegetables fresh and crisp.  The taragon mayo was light and distinctive; it was the perfect flavor to compliment the rest of the sandwich.  Still, I think it could’ve used a little more taragon; with a heavy cheese flavor like asiago the mayo had to compete fairly hard to be recognized.

Cross Section

Quick shot before I devoured the rest.

After I’d finished the sandwich up, I found that the Sandwich Buddha people had sneaked a treat into my basket – a cookie!  A ginger cookie, in fact.  And when I say “ginger cookie” I don’t mean it was merely flavored as ginger like a ginger snap.  I mean there were honest-to-goodness little chunks of dried ginger in the cookie.  There was no chocolate, but darned if it wasn’t still tasty!  A nice little meal-ending palate cleanser.

Cookie Package

Sandwich Buddha <3 You.

Ginger Cookie

IRL Ginger!

Sandwich Board

Sandwich Board – GET IT??

Bottom Line

Sandwich Buddha has a nice selection of basic-with-a-distinctive-flair sandwich flavors for a price that I will pay without hesitation.  If you’re craving a solid sandwich with a little bit of flair, definitely go to SB.  Especially because they love you.

Man, the next time I’m there I think it’s going to be tough deciding on the next sandwich to try…

Sandwich Buddha

  • Peppered Chicken with Asiago Sandwich – $7.25
    • Light, delicious, flavorful.
  • Ginger Cookie – free!
    • Sweet, gingery, tasty.  And free.

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5 thoughts on “FTF: Sandwich Buddha

  1. Yummy yummy yummy. This makes me think that a) I wish I was more creative in putting sandwiches together, b) it would be nice if there was better bread available for sale here, and c) mayo never has to compete too hard to be recognized in my book!

  2. Oh man, lack of good bread is sad…maybe you should try baking your own! 😀

  3. mmm tarragon mayo! We have a tarragon mustard in the fridge that I use in everything. EBBERYTHING!

    The bread that the sandwich is on looks good too

  4. A few months ago, I was thinking about doing Food Truck Friday posts because there are SO many food trucks here! Maybe you should do an Austin Edition someday. 😉 (I want that ginger cookie!)

  5. @Stephanie – Oh man, tarragon mustard? AWESOME. I think maybe I should do some posts on creative condiments? This sounds like a good plan.

    @Jessica – I’m loving the food trucks down here; I really like supporting local businesses and having the opportunity to expand my flavor palate. I would *love* to do some Austin food travel; the one time I went there to visit a friend in college the culinary opportunities were aaaawesooooome. <3 salsa.

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