FREIGHT Kitchen And Tap

Earlier this week Adam and I headed up to FREIGHT, a southern-style restaurant and bar in Downtown Woodstock’s Historic Train Depot, to dine with college friends Mary (you know Mary) and Andrew.

FREIGHT Kitchen and Tap

Our friends are launching a new app to help you promote your favorite restaurants and get specials in return. The app is going through initial testing at FREIGHT (the restaurant spells uses all caps but I am not sure how much patience I have for that…. let’s see) now through February 8. So if you’re in the area, do head over and give it a whirl! You can say you were part of the next biggest thing from the beginning, and shake hands with Mary and Andrew to boot. 🙂

FREIGHT Kitchen and Tap bar

The bar area.

FREIGHT Kitchen and Tap interior

Restaurant area.

Monday Night Brewings Eyepatch IPA and Red Hare's Sticky StoutOnce we got settled at our table, we kicked things off with the evening’s special: half-off local draft beer! Adam got a Monday Night Brewing’s Eye Patch Ale and I got Red Hare Brewing’s Sticky Stout.

We also ordered the Addiptive appetizer. I kind of feel like spinach/artichoke dips have been done ad nauseam, but this appetizer exceeded my expectations! The dip was more spicy than I expected, but not crazy-spicy, and the crepe chips were actually really, really good. I usually am a low carb, more dip-on-less-chips kind of gal, but I snapped these addictive crepe chips right up.

FREIGHT Addiptive

Addiptive – a spicy spinach and artichoke dip served with crepe chips ($7).

To split, Adam and I ordered the pan fried catfish over hoppin’ john and the shrimp and grits.

The the portion of catfish was surprisingly generous, though I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, since catfish is like the cheapest fish. It was tasty, though its counterpart, the hoppin’ john was less impressive. I could hardly see or taste the important ingredients that distinguish hoppin’ john from black-eyed peas with rice: onions, tomatoes, bacon. To me, hoppin’ john also has peppers or some type of greens in it as well. The black-eyed peas and rice was good, just not very flavorful.

FREIGHT Pan fried catfish over Hoppin' John

Pan-fried catfish over Hoppin’ John ($15).

Now, the shrimp and grits was another matter! This dish was chock full of flavor and spicy heat – very nice. Great flavors and textures.

FREIGHT Shrimp and grits

Shrimp and grits ($14).

Mary got the Coca Cola meatloaf and bacon green beans, and Andrew also got the catfish and hoppin’ john. Mary really enjoyed her food – I snagged a tiny taste of meatloaf and of green beans. The meatloaf was surprisingly sweet (that’d be the Coke, I suppose), but also savory, and the green beans were done in classic southern style.

FREIGHT Coca Cola Meatloaf

Mary’s Coca Cola meatloaf.

The atmosphere was pleasantly dim, and the service was super great – very polite and friendly. Food-wise, FREIGHT is like a classier, higher-class Cracker Barrel with booze. Personally, I’d trade tchotchkes for booze any day!

As an ITP-er, FREIGHT is a long haul from my home turf, and based on my experience, I wouldn’t drive to downtown Woodstock to have those shrimp and grits, even though they were above average. I think for those of you in the northwesterly quadrant of the metro Atlanta area, FREIGHT is worth a visit, but it doesn’t distinguish itself quite enough to be worth a long trip.

Solid food, service, and atmosphere with a little high but not unreasonable pricing. 3 stars.

FREIGHT Kitchen And Tap
251 East Main Street
Woodstock, GA 30188

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