Fourth of July Fireworks!

Happy Independence Day, fellow Americanos! I spent my holiday weekend working on the yard: ripping out an old patio, covering the footprint with soil, and finishing up a trellis for our blackberries and raspberries. I also spent some time admiring the fireworks of the garden, my four o’clocks. My planned pollination program has been very successful, because I have practically no blooms that are just one color anymore, they are all striped and I adore them. They are one of the easiest plants to breed and seemingly the most responsive to tinkering with, because each bloom can have its own unique color combination, separate from its fellows on the same plant, or even the same cluster.

Some of my floral fireworks. *Click to view larger*

Additionally, I went to a couple parties and saw real fireworks (of course)! I hope everyone else had a great holiday weekend, too.

Shannon and I making our own version of the stars and stripes.


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