Flux 2012

After attending Flux last year, we couldn’t miss this year’s event, even if it meant ducking out of the Firefly Run festivities early, and getting to Flux a little late.

David Yu, Small Meteorites

David Yu: Small Meteorites. “Each car contains its own narrative and is completely unaware of the other vehicles on the road. The climax of the installation is a virtual car crash where each narrative is suddenly catapulted into each other’s existence and awareness.” –Flux website

Dorothy O'Connor, Ceiling of Blackbirds.

Dorothy O’Connor, Ceiling of Blackbirds. A project made possible by Kickstarter. “A tableau vivant featuring two live models creating a ceiling of blackbirds in a constructed fantastical bedroom scene.” – Flux


Stefani Byrd and Wes Eastin, TROLL. “This installation, consisting of a digital traffic message board and hidden performers, comments on the psychological concept of the online disinhibition effect that allows everyday people to express otherwise inhibited behaviors in cyberspace.” “The intended effect of the staged troll-like messages is a little “empathy training” for the Flux Night audience.” -Flux

Food Truck

There were food trucks.

Flux Night Atlanta 2012

It was crowded.

There was a really cool video playing in a house-like installation, called Prelude Two, by Amber Boardman. It happens to be on Vimeo, so here it is:

Prelude Two from Amber Boardman on Vimeo.

4 U ATL flux

flux night 2012

We passed the TROLL again.

Flux 2012 nom

Flux 2012

This was small consolation for not finding a Catlanta.

The two following clips are from Nicole Livieratos’ Turn the Page.

And with that, we were spent. We headed home. Though I know we didn’t see every single thing Flux had to offer (though we saw more than I discussed here), I feel like Flux was somehow smaller and less fulfilling overall this year, but we still had fun, and all of the individual pieces we’ve shared were neat, so I think we’ll definitely still try to attend next year.

Flux Atlanta


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