Festive Stuff

It’s that time of year, y’all. Here’s some of the stuff we’ve got going on for Christmas.

A close-up of an awesome little garland from Heliotrope in Decatur. It is so precious that I can forgive it for being a little pricey and somewhat short. I hope these go one sale after Christmas, because I adore them.

Matching wreath. I never have been much of a wreath person, but I looorve this one!

So cute.

Our Christmas tree. Our first Noble Fir. It had a nicer branch pattern than the Fraser Firs, and we were very happy with it at first.
Unfortunately, it died. So we made a pile of Christmas presents instead!
Where the dead, dead tree currently resides. Oh Christmas tree…
An heirloom decoration my grandmother gave me this year.
A few presents.

Cute little cupcake string light from my bosses at LFC.

A close-up of the sweet cupcake.

Filling out Christmas cards with awesome Faber-Castells while drinking delicious 2 Below! So cozy!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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3 thoughts on “Festive Stuff

  1. Everything is still up except for the tree, so I guess that means we're going with option B, lol.

  2. LOL I like the chair present there in the middle. My first thought was… Is the chair draped in green the "replacement" tree? Then I saw the bow.

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