El Senor Taco

Closed sometime in 2015.

This week, we headed to El Senor Taco. This is apparently just as much a cult classic as Lee’s Bakery. I found a ton of reviews, large and small. Most extoll El Senior taco for having authentic baja tacos. The billboard on BuHi that I frequently pass says the same. With this kind of acclaim, we just had to go in, even after we realized there was a tiny vietnamese restaurant hidden in between El Senor and Lee’s. Next week. This week – along with Ash and Steve – it was El Senor Taco all the way.

Looks gooood…
For being a strip shopping center joint this was clean, nicely painted and decorated, and had nice new-looking furniture and fixtures. There were also TVs to watch if you wanted to.
Nice inside, for what it is.
Salsa bar!

This place had a salsa bar, which was delicious. I especially liked the pickled onions (or whatever they were… best guess). We tried all of the salsas, and our favorites were the creamy green sauce you see on the left, and the smoky red sauce on the right. The regular red and tomatillo green salsa were pretty average fare. The chips on the other hand, were not. They seemed homemade and baked… like someone just took some tortillas, sprinkled them with salt and pepper, and baked them until hard. They weren’t bad, just very different from what we normally get.

Here’s what we ordered:

I ordered the #6: Two taco combo. One shrimp, one fish. Sides of beans and rice. Comes with a drink and – I got jamaica (hibiscus). $5.25, plus about $2 for the agua fresca. Adam got the seafood sopa for $6.95, and we swapped halfway through. The tacos were good, but not as amazing as I had hoped – Adam and I were both surprised that the protein of both tacos was fried. Fish tacos, in my limited experience, are typically fried, but the breaded, fried, shrimp surprised us. The seafood sopa was fine. It seems on par with Mariscos‘ (though less variety than Mariscos), but not as good as Tijuana’s.

The tacos, baja-style and served open-face.
Seafood soup.

Ashley got the #7: Two sope combo. One al pastor, and one fish. Comes with a drink. $5.25. Ashley enjoyed the al pastor best.

Two sope combo.
Blurry burrito.

Steve got the #8: Spicy burrito combo. Came with a drink. $6.25. While the burrito wasn’t actually spicy, Steve still enjoyed it. He also enjoyed the price – I thought everything we had was well-priced. The drinks and salsa bar were an added bonus.

We had a pretty wide spread on the votes, ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 stars, but we average out to 3 stars. The pricing was great, but the meal wasn’t anything to write home about. Either I ordered the wrong things, or this just didn’t live up to the hype. Just average.

While I don’t necessarily recommend visiting the restaurant, you should visit the website, because it features a taco with Flash steam, and that makes me laugh. (I was visitor #649, in case you were curious.)

El Senor Taco
4005 Buford Hwy, Suite H
Atlanta, GA 30345

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