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This is one of the rare spots that both Emily and Anish have reviewed separately. To see Anish’s review, go here.

This week’s BuHi brought us to Crawfish Shack Seafood, the last eatery on BuHi south of the Chamblee, situated in a weird little complex of buildings inexplicably called the Cancun Plaza. (I saw no latin connection; this is just like the Aloha Plaza all over again!) Also, we have heard some good things about this joint, so we’ve been looking forward to it.

crawfish shack seafood

The interior of Crawfish Seafood Shack

The interior of Crawfish Seafood Shack, from the vantage point of our cozy two-person table.

This is an order and sit kind of place, that also sells familiar Louisiana brands like Cafe du Monde coffee, as well as fresh seafood at market prices. Most of the seating is family-style, and the decor is beach-themed.

Condiment caddy

A well-stocked condiment caddy.

The front door proclaimed “Egg rolls are back!” and thusly, it was necessary that we order an egg roll ($1.50). It came with sweet and sour sauce and was, well, very much an egg roll. I guess I was expecting some kind of cajun twist. If there was one, it was either too subtle for me, or I was too dense for it.

Crawfish Seafood Shack egg roll

Egg roll, neither seafood nor cajun, but still decent.

Adam and I weren’t sure what to order, so we picked two different types of meals and split them. We got the fried crawfish po-boy ($9.99) and the Meal #3: Grouper, four shrimp, two hush puppies, and two side items of our choice – cajun seasoned fries and cajun corn on the cob ($9.99).

Crawfish Po-boy

The crawfish po-boy.

The po-boy, in case you don’t know, is a Louisianan submarine sandwich that here at the Crawfish Shack is served on Amoroso bread with remoulade, tomato, and pickle. We both really enjoyed the po-boy. It was large, cut in half for easier eating, and while we found it completely impossible to prevent the little chunks of catfish from falling out, the taste was worth the trouble.

Meal #3 from crawfish seafood shack

Meal #3, with heavy batter. (Take that, arteries!)

The remains of a meal

The remains of someone’s huge, assuredly delicious meal.

Meal #3 is a combination plate with boiled, steamed or fried grouper and shrimp. If you select fried, as we did, you can choose between light batter (corn flour) or heavy batter (cornmeal). While not paleo, it was nice to see gluten-free meals on the menu. We went for the heavy batter, because we’re terrible people who hate ourselves. Oh well, this is why we exercise. The cajun fries were not as good as the ones from the Georgia Tech standby, Wingnuts. However, the cajun corn was quite delicious, and had a wonderful slow heat.

We went back up to the counter after our meal to snag a fresh sugar cane drink and a small basket of beignets, but to my dismay, the restaurant was out of both! Infinite sadness. (Untrue, I consoled myself with a honey milk boba tea from Quickly.) But I definitely plan to come back to try them, and if I do I’ll be sure to mention it!

All in all, we really enjoyed Crawfish Shack Seafood. There really aren’t a lot of Louisiana-style fish joints around, so compared to something like Long John Silver’s, the Shack is a clear win. Adam noted that the menu was full of little up-charge items, and stated that he wasn’t sure if he was being nickel-and-dimed, or if, as a small independent restaurant, they were just operating on tight margins. Either way, it’s definitely not the cheapest joint on Buford Highway, but I suppose seafood is never cheap this far inland. 3.5 stars.

Crawfish Shack Seafood
4337 Buford Hwy NE, #170
Atlanta, GA 30341

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  1. If you like crawfish, whole crawfish, you need to try the ones here. They are serving the fresh ones now since it’s the season and they are FANTASTIC. Hubs and I are gluttons when it comes to this place. We’ll get 3# of crawfish and the #5 meal (15 shrimp and 2 sides) and we’ll split it all. The boudin balls are also fantastic (pork is better than the seafood imho). We love, love, love this place. Be prepared for some serious spice if you get the crawfish!

    • I’m so pleased to have a personal recommendation for particular dishes here, because I have been feeling like we really missed something. Thanks! We’ll definitely try again!

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