Chai Pani Addendum

This week I had the opportunity to head back to Chai Pani for an Urbanspoon UrbanHour – and good food and good company abounded. Since I had the opportunity to try some new things not previously discussed here, I thought I’d put out a quick little addendum to my prior post about Chai Pani.

Chai Pani Interior

Apologies in advance for the photos; we sat in an especially dark corner and I apparently wasn’t paying much attention to what I was doing! I blame the delicious libations. 🙂

Chai Pani bar

This nifty bar area I neglected to photograph before.

Special thanks to our server and the kitchen, who kindly caught Adam and I up to the rest of the crowd, even though we showed up more than a half an hour late!

Kashmiri Sour

Kashmiri Sour: whiskey, lime, chili powder, simple syrup, egg white. A surprising and interesting drink.

Butter Chicken Pav

Butter Chicken Pav: North indian butter chicken on a griddled and buttered bun. Mmmm.

The butter chicken was good, but didn’t taste like the (probably terribly americanized) butter chicken I am used to – I’d love to try this again sometime, plain on a plate.

Okra Fries

Okra Fries. Not my favorite. Guess I’m just a battered okra girl.

East India Gin and Tonic

East India Gin and Tonic: gin, juniper berries, zest, fever tree tonic water. Very quaffable!

The gin and tonic was good, but both of these drinks were strong, and I kept inadvertently getting juniper berries in my mouth. Perhaps I was supposed to bite them? I have had some traumatizing experiences accidentally biting into peppercorns, and the resemblance was too similar for me to shake it off and take a nibble.


Chai with ginger and cardamom. Quite tasty, sweetened to perfection, and served at just the right temperature.

Sooji halwa

Sooji halwa: buttery semolina flour pudding with saffron, cardamom, raisins, pistachios.
Sorry about the terrible photo, but this was too unique and delicious not to show!

The sooji halwa was very unusual but very, very good. One of the most surprising, interesting, and enjoyable desserts I’ve had in a long time. I highly recommend.

We had a great time, thanks again to the fine folks at Chai Pani and Urbanspoon. If you haven’t tried Chai Pani yet, do check out our first post and swing by for yourself!

(Being that this event was hosted by Urbanspoon and Chai Pani, we received our meal without charge. Regardless, our thoughts and words are our own.)

I had a wonderful time talking with like-minded local foodies. Here are some posts about the food and event from some of the folks I met for the first time or reconnected with:

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