Grow, Garden, Grow

My inaugural year of raised bed vegetable gardening in 2012 was a bit of a mess. My precious but extremely leggy seedlings all died while the hubs and I were vacationing in Amsterdam, and I was incredibly busy with something or another and just wound up slinging seeds around and hoping for the best. In […]

Getting The Garden Ready For Spring

First, a quick overview of the changes I have neglected to mention. Despite my inattention, the garden was surprisingly productive during the late summer and fall, giving us plenty of eggplant, serrano peppers, tomatoes, and more carrots than we have been able to finish off completely. Soon! We also saw some more modest production of […]

Q1 2012 Yard & Garden Round-Up

Forsythia in the foreground and azaleas in the back! Hyacinth. At work we just had a quarterly company review, which is always fun. We get together with beer and wine and look at everything we’ve accomplished in the past quarter. There’s all sorts of fun charts and amazing stats, with embarrassing pictures of people hidden […]

Yard Explosion: Part Three

Here’s a quick follow up to Yard Explosion parts One and Two. Last weekend (and much of this past week) we were kept from doing much of anything by incessant rain and fog. This weekend dawned bright and temperate, so we made a push to get the rest of the brush to the curb to […]

Yard Explosion: Part Two

This is the second half of my description of our Yard Explosion weekend. I left off shortly after noon, when we decided to move to the front yard. Mostly before, though we’d already taken down two trees. The men did an excellent job of keeping the trees off the wires. In between our two properties, […]

Yard Explosion: Part One

We don’t know the meaning of rest. Or maybe it’s just me and I have the awesomest husband. I am a non-stop schemer, after all. Either way, we’ve been back at it. This three day holiday weekend (thanks MLK, Jr.) we exploded our yard. Keep in mind this is it died back for the winter. […]

August Flora

Various forms of swamp hibiscus are still blooming – I won’t photograph them all because you’ve seen them before. Except this one – a new type of mallow/swamp hibiscus bloomed, but I was too busy to catch it in time. The leaves are furry. Four o’clocks still going strong… four months later. Even our very […]

July Flora

We’ve had more of what I call swamp hibiscus. July went by wicked fast, and I have way too much on my plate. Part of what helps is seeing pretty things in the yard as I rush off to work, side projects, errands or even if I’m just walking back and forth and back and […]

Fourth of July Fireworks!

Happy Independence Day, fellow Americanos! I spent my holiday weekend working on the yard: ripping out an old patio, covering the footprint with soil, and finishing up a trellis for our blackberries and raspberries. I also spent some time admiring the fireworks of the garden, my four o’clocks. My planned pollination program has been very […]

June Flora

Purple gladiolus. June here in my Zone 7, metro-Atlanta garden saw continued but fading beauty of the magnolias, hydrangeas, gardenia and trumpet vine. However, just when I thought we were going to enter a period of not having anything at all blooming, some echinacea, black-eyed susans, gladiolas and – my personal favorite – swamp hibiscus […]

May Flora

The end of May has the fine Southern Magnolias in full bloom, the hydrangeas going, and the trumpet vine getting started. Good stuff. hydrangeas – and magnolia in the background Gardenia Trumpet Vine There are also some edibles going – raspberries and blackberries are working their magic, and we’ve even managed to get a few […]

An Overexposed Photo of an Iris

Because I felt like it. They like wet feet, so I am impressed that they are growing in my dry, sunny yard. I love the form of flag irises, so sleek and graceful. I also love botanical illustrations. Here is a lovely one of the yellow flag iris from Wikipedia Commons.

March Flora

Just a quick post with a few more floral happenings in the garden. This year is the most exciting, since this is our first spring in the house and we are discovering all the flowers for the first time. Forsythia. Very interesting to note the difference between this “maintained” bush in the front of the […]

February Flora

It’s been a productive couple weeks in the garden. We’ve been tending to our new raspberries and pawpaws, and pulling tons of ivy each weekend. Last weekend we scored two white oaks and planted them. This weekend, we went on our first native plant rescue with the Georgia Native Plant Society. We had a lot […]

Breaking Ground in the Garden

So I am definitely a foodie in my own right. But I am also cheap, and this leads to a lot of… internal conflict. I want fresh fruits and veggies that haven’t been drenched in pesticides and herbicides while being grown in a blasted medium that doesn’t remotely resemble soil (Read Michael Pollan’s Botany of […]

Bristly Locust

I realized only a few minutes ago that I left off one other native tree species that I am very interested in: the bristly locust. Its name sounds like a biblical plague, but I guess you can’t win ’em all. This small tree is a member of the pea family and his has those gorgeous […]

Researching Native Trees of Georgia

Last week officially started the first step of the seemingly insurmountable task of making our property our own: removing invasive species. Most of our yard is english ivy, privet, vinca and nandinas. I’m sure we’ll find more as we go along. Our first endeavor has been unearthing our patio. Not because we care for the […]