Savory Goat Stew

Always fun when you get tobuy a new spice for a new recipe! Last night we made Savory Goat Stew from Mark’s Daily Apple. To get supplied with our supplies, including new purchases of coriander and goat meat, we went to our favorite farmers’ market Your DeKalb Farmers Market. There we discovered that goat, even […]

Mediterranean Stuffed Pork Loin

Photo Credit: Mark’s Daily Apple This recipe from Mark’s Daily Apple appealed to the Mediterranean in me. I really could just sit around and eat olives all day, everyday. Feta, too. We made some pretty big adjustments to this recipe – some accidentally, and some out of practicality. pork tenderloin chops are part of our […]

Sushi at Home

We love to make sushi at home. Pretty healthy, challenging, fun and a nice opportunity to work together, take turns with and learn from your cooking partner, significant other, children, etc. Mad props to Matt Ruby for teaching me to make it! First-time sushi-makers (and everyone else):The episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown “Wake […]