Clone Brews: Affligem Abbey Tripel

For our latest foray into homebrewing, we looked to the Clone Brews book I got Adam for our paper anniversary. CloneBrews, 2nd Edition: Recipes for 200 Brand-Name Beers,* available on Amazon, is a pretty nifty book with a lot of copycat recipes for pretty reconizable beers. As it turns out, we hadn’t run across the […]

White House Honey Porter

It’s Inauguration Day again in the United States. The formal inauguration took place in the Oval Office yesterday, and the public proceedings will take place this morning. So in my house, we’ll be raising the last of our White House Honey Porters in salute. We brewed this shortly before the election, and we’ll be draining […]

Homebrew: Beginner’s Pale Ale

I got Adam three homebrew books for our first anniversary (paper!), along with some tickets to a beer-making class at Hop City, and the license to buy supplies as needed. After perusing the three books, but due to quirks of scheduling, before we took the homebrew class, we had some of Adam’s coworkers over and […]