Liquid Bliss Cupcakes Recipe

In early May I took a trip out Terrapin Brewery in Athens for a birthday party, and in the spirit of the birthday boy’s festivities I decided to make a batch of boozy cupcakes with one of their sweetest beers: the Liquid Bliss Porter, a porter brewed with cocoa nibs and peanut butter essence. This […]

Bacon Week 2015: Maple Bacon Biscuit Bake

For this year’s Bacon Week, I am contributing my experience with this Maple Bacon Biscuit Bake. After having done Bacon Week for several years, the recipes start to kind of look the same and fall into two categories: “crazy to pull off technically/oh god why” or “something you regularly make just with added bacon.” For […]

Browned Butter Red Velvet Brownies

O, brownies – truly, you are the easiest of the desserts. You toss dry ingredients together, you melt some butter, you mix, you bake, you eat. So simple – why would anyone want to change who you are? Oh that’s right – TO MAKE THEM EVEN BETTER! It’s time to bring back brown butter, guys…and […]

Basic Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

I think the problem of bananas going bad before you can finish them must be an age-old conundrum. No matter how many people in the house commit themselves to “helping to finish the bunch”, you inevitably have a couple stragglers that go from a delightful yellow to a spotted black mess, seemingly overnight. Clearly, this […]

Tres Leches Flan Recipe

The only thing I love more than learning a new type of technique or dessert is having the experiment go especially well. It’s not something that happens very often, but when it does, as in the case of this great flan recipe, it’s indeed something to behold! To get something really right typically takes me […]

Beer-Candied Bacon Fudge

To wrap up Bacon Week 2014, we took that good batch of beer-glazed bacon and made bacon fudge! I got this idea on Pinterest as well, but I didn’t like the approach outlined by the site I saw, so I flew by the seat of my pants on this one, too. We started with the […]

Bacon Week: Bacon Apple Pie (Take Two)

Remember the bacon apple pie from last year? It looked pretty damn amazing if I do say so myself, but its performance in pleasing my palate was less than I could have hoped for. Well, I made a remix of this concept on the fly this year after accidentally burning a bunch of beer-candied bacon. […]

Trick-Or-Treat Cupcake Recipe

You didn’t think I’d just do that lame round-up post for Halloween recipes did you? Actually, I did for awhile. >.>  But in the end I decided to damn the torpedoes (and my removed wisdom teeth – good times) to try an idea that popped into my head.  This one in particular, there being Halloween […]

Funfetti Cookie Recipe

During my minimalism escapade (that is, of course, ongoing) I came across a lot of the various food decoration paraphernalia I’ve collected over the years, one of which was, of course, sprinkles (or “jimmies” if you’re from the northeast). A lot of sprinkles. >.> What’s more is that they were 90% seasonal sprinkles for Halloween […]

Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream Recipe

This is a recipe I’ve had rolling around in my brain for awhile now.  I recently realized I had all the right ingredients floating around my apartment, and since it’s still summery enough to whip up some ice cream, I got right on it! Back before I was drinking plain ‘ole joe on a daily […]

Brown Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Somehow I’ve gone the entire  summer without making any ice cream.  This is a shame and a travesty, and I should be ashamed of myself (it’s bad and I should feel bad).  Here, let me make it up to you: I didn’t have much time to do any cooking blogging during July, so I’m a bit […]

Lemon Tea Cookie Recipe

Hellooooo my darlings!  It’s been awhile, but you know what?  IT’S MY BLOG I CAN DO WHAT I WANT! …but no really I’m sorry it’s been so long.  So many things going on!  But here.  Here’s an apology for my absence: These aren’t particularly pretty to look at, but these things are good – especially […]

Cinnamon Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe

I’d been waiting until I had an actual recipe to associate with this piece of news, BUT I HAVE NEWS. My brother and his girlfriend?  THEY ARE ENGAGED!  And what’s else is that they’ve asked your truly to make their wedding cake!  You guys know what this means, right? The WeddSplosion is back!  AND THIS […]