Bacon Week 2015: Steamed Bacon Dumplings

Ever heard of steamed pork dumplings? These are one and the same! Except the pork in question is, of course, bacon. For the last day of Bacon Week I got to try another new recipe – dumplings! I’ve never steamed anything other than vegetables before (and them almost always in the microwave, not over the […]

Bacon Week 2015: Bacon Jam Redux

A couple Bacon Week-years ago one of the recipes I made was “Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam” – a recipe I ruined pretty hardcore. At the time I claimed I wanted to try again in the future, and this year I figured, why not let that future be now? This Bacon Jam Redux turned out way […]

Bacon Week: Beer-Candied Bacon

It’s Bacon Week time once again! We’re kicking it off with a remix of part of a past recipe: the candied bacon from the maple bacon ice cream. Once again, with feeling! This year though, we’ll be using a recipe found on, in order two best combine two of the best things food things […]

Easy Grilled Feta with Thyme

Happy Memorial Day*; happy beginning of summer! I hope everyone is having a great time, and spending some time with family and outdoors. We’ve been having lovely weather here, perfect for a holiday weekend grill-out with my beloved Shannon of the green chest. After coaxing the recalcitrant coals with a hair dryer (a handy technique), […]

Spinach Puffs

I hosted a little gaming party a few weeks ago in honor of International TableTop Day and as usual opted to make a few snacks to feed the horde of gamers in attendance (okay, like maybe 10 people).  I took the opportunity to try my hand at a recipe I’d torn out of one of my […]

Bacon Week 2013: Bacon Curls

This last recipe post for Bacon Week is a little on the light side, for those of you who have been porking out all week (HA HA HA GET IT?).  Some tasty little curls for the munchy-times. After a week of brownies, crème brûlée, and bacon-wrapped deliciousness, I thought it was time to toss a […]

Making Homemade Popcorn

We’ve been getting these popping corn cobs from our CSA boxes. Curious. I’d never seen popping corn like this, only like in the aluminium pans, like Jiffy Pop. So what to do? Internet research turned up a few options, including just putting the whole thing in the microwave. That seemed a little messy and disconcerting, […]

Bacon Week: Devils on Horseback

With a couple extra pieces of uncooked bacon that I didn’t need for my bacon-infused spirits, I elected to continue my celebration of Bacon Week by making Devils on Horseback. What the heck are devils on horseback you might ask? Well, I am not talking about the historical Western romance book series. Nor am I […]