Bacon Week 2014 Round Up

I know, I know: it’s a little lame for my last “recipe day” of Bacon Week to be full of recipes that aren’t mine, but hey – if you knew the physical (though delicious) toll a week of non-stop bacon-eating takes on a human body you might understand.  Besides, some of my friends have made […]

Bacon Week 2014: It’s almost here!

Hello hello! Bacon Week, it comes every year and it’s here again!  Starting next Monday, n00bcakes begins its 4th annual week of bacon recipes.  Will you be joining us? First of all, if you don’t know about Bacon Week, I highly suggest you read my basic summary here.  It’ll tell you what in the world is […]

Halloween Dessert Recipe Round-Up

Typically I find round-up posts silly (and maybe even a bit self-serving), but now that I actually have enough recipes to have one of my own, BRING ON THE DESSERTS! Chocolate Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing Fancy some cookies?  Try out these chocolate sugar cookies with royal icing!  They’re a total pain, but with a […]

Minimalism in the Kitchen

If you didn’t know, I actually run two blogs: n00bcakes (duh) and !Blog (pronounced “not-blog”).  n00bcakes will always be nothing but cooking and baking, but !Blog consists of many more of my other hobbies, mostly technology or nerd-related.  In a small deviation, however, I recently started a month-long series with Emily of Spatialdrift (oft times […]

WeddSplosion II Update!

I bet you almost forgot this was happening, didn’t you? I know that I sure did! It suddenly occurred to me last week that the time to practice baking wedding cakes was getting shorter.  In fact, I have approximately one month left for cake-baking, frosting-making, and decoration decisions until my brother’s wedding.  Suddenly I found […]

BaconFest 2013!

Ah, another year, another BaconFest under my belt!  It was a lovely warm afternoon for being outside and eating bacon, and only started to cloud up after my bacon-buddy Steven and I were well on our way back home (funny how standing around in the sun can really take it out of you. /strikes dramatic […]

Bacon Week 2013: March 25 – 30

That’s right, kids: another year, another BACON WEEK.  HUZZAH! For the uninitiated and too lazy to click the blog-level link, “Bacon Week“, let me explain. No, there is too much – let me sum up. Two years ago a local comedy club named Dad’s Garage started a fund raiser called “Bacon Fest”.  They sold tickets […]

Meat Week 2013: Heirloom Market

Ah, Heirloom Market.  It’s what drew me to Meat Week last year, and I surely wasn’t going to miss it again in 2013!  Saturday I attended what was my final day of participation in Meat Week’s Atlanta Chapter.  And surely, it could not have been tastier! Typically when I go to Heirloom (which I’d say […]

Meat Week 2013: Bone Lick BBQ

This week is Meat Week here in the US, and yesterday marked the first day of my participation this year: the deliciously smokey and creative Bone Lick BBQ. My friends and I were greeted with open arms by our friendly Meat Captain Tracy Galasso and her First Mate Jeff Thorton, who told us about the […]

Meat Week 2013

Hello Friends! Apologies for my long absence; holidays and a small technical issue have been blocking my blogging for a couple months now, but I’ve finally gotten everything back in order.  Hopefully you approve of the new theme!  There’s still a few tweaks I want to make, but this is basically what you’ll be looking at […]

Thanksgiving Dessert Bonanza II

TDB II: More Desserts Than Your Body Has Room For I don’t think too many readers have been reading long enough to remember the first Thanksgiving Dessert Bonanza, but back in 2010, when I was but a nooblet of the interweb blagging scene, I became in charge of desserts for Thanksgiving and decided to challenge […]

Illinois Foodage!

Last weekend I took a trip to visit my brother and his friends in Illinois, and as usual like all vacations planned by our family it revolved predominantly around food.  Huzzah! We started the weekend in Urbana-Champagne, where my brother is working on his PhD, took a bus up to Chicago where we spend Friday […]

Easter Festivities & Lemon Chess Pie

This post really should have gone up about a week ago, but my other blog has been eating up some of my life – sorry!  Luckily for you I spent Sunday working on writing about some things I’ve been baking over the last month, so we shouldn’t run dry for awhile.  Hooray! But on to […]

Bacon Fest 2012!

Bacon Fest!  It was today!  And it was awesome! Good news – Bacon Fest was completely sold out this year!  I was glad to see that the tickets had sold so well and to see so many people there; it’s nice to see local theaters get the support they so richly deserve.  It was also […]

Bacon Week 2012: IT’S COMING.

It’s coming, it’s coming it’s coming. If you weren’t reading n00bcakes last year, let me fill you in! There’s a comedy club in Atlanta named Dad’s Garage, and last year they put together an event called “Bacon Fest” as a fundraiser to keep itself in business.  For anywhere from $25-$95 you could purchase a ticket […]