Bacon Week: Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Scramble

For day two of Bacon Week 2013, I made a bacon and brussels sprouts hash/scrambled eggs dish. I first saw this recipe concept on Pinterest. That particular pin linked to this Food for My Family recipe, which serves as the springboard for today’s Bacon Week celebration meal. Ingredients: 1 lb bag of Brussels sprouts 1/2 […]

Bacon Week 2013: Bacon Crème Brûlée

Emma from Of Agates and Madeleines recently made a Blueberry crème brûlée. I told her that while I normally don’t trust fruit in my desserts, I do trust her taste in food, and since I’ve never made a crème brûlée before, I thought I should try my hand at it. She responded, “Get on the brûlée train Mary!” Alright, […]

Bacon Week: Avocado, Bacon, and Crab Bowl

It’s n00bcakes’ Bacon Week time again! Bring on America’s pork product of choice! I wasn’t able to join in last year, due to my own disorganization, so I was extra careful to pay attention and ensure that I would be able to participate as much as possible this year. To start off Bacon Week 2013, […]

Bacon Week 2013: Bacon Bourbon Brownies

Welcome, one and all, to the beginning of Bacon Week 2013!  Let’s not dilly-dally: let’s begin. It seems that bacon and bourbon routinely go hand-in-hand.  This recipe is no different – but holy COW does it truly exemplify both. This recipe is a small adaptation of a recipe from Food & Wine; I was particularly […]

Bacon Week 2013: March 25 – 30

That’s right, kids: another year, another BACON WEEK.  HUZZAH! For the uninitiated and too lazy to click the blog-level link, “Bacon Week“, let me explain. No, there is too much – let me sum up. Two years ago a local comedy club named Dad’s Garage started a fund raiser called “Bacon Fest”.  They sold tickets […]

Bacon Fest 2012!

Bacon Fest!  It was today!  And it was awesome! Good news – Bacon Fest was completely sold out this year!  I was glad to see that the tickets had sold so well and to see so many people there; it’s nice to see local theaters get the support they so richly deserve.  It was also […]

Bacon Week: Piggy Pie

Hey look – I’M ALIVE! Yes, it’s true: I woke up this morning well enough to hobble out the door and not cough on too many people.  Hooray! So in celebration, I decided to take the time to take the most hideous pictures ever seen of what I’m calling “Piggy Pie”! …Also called spinach pie […]

Bacon Week: Joy the Baker’s Coffee Bacon Sandwiches

Bacon Week Day Two!  As expected, I have something lovingly planned.  Just for you. Earlier this month I began planning for Bacon Week and was pleased to come across Joy’s recipe for Coffee Bacon Sandwiches.  Coffee?  Bacon?  Two of the best things in the world, along with, maybe, goat cheese?  WHAT?  THIS HAS GOAT CHEESE […]

Bacon Week 2012: IT’S COMING.

It’s coming, it’s coming it’s coming. If you weren’t reading n00bcakes last year, let me fill you in! There’s a comedy club in Atlanta named Dad’s Garage, and last year they put together an event called “Bacon Fest” as a fundraiser to keep itself in business.  For anywhere from $25-$95 you could purchase a ticket […]

Bacon Week: BaconFest!

It’s the last day of Bacon Week here at n00bcakes, culminating with the instigator: BaconFest! As I mentioned in my first post, BaconFest is a festival and fundraiser for Dad’s Garage, a local comedy/theater company.  It took off yesterday at 1pm and was…definitely interesting. My friend Steven and I went together, opting to go with […]

Bacon Week: Bacon Taste Test

Second to last day of Bacon Week.  Today’s a day for tips on bacon itself. But first, I have to brag about a new toy I got in the mail yesterday…   This is a Lodge 12″ diameter cast iron skillet, and I am super excited.  This is one of those cooking implements that I’ve […]

Bacon Week: Pork, The Meat of Kings

The n00b Kitchen Today’s Bacon Week is also doubling as March’s n00b Kitchen post.  Woo woo for multitasking!  We’ll be talking a bit about bacon as an internet phenomenon. I remember bacon as a general meme hitting the internet sometime when I was in college and taking off like a rocket.  It’s completely possible it […]

Bacon Week: Coffee Bacontini (Sort of)

While researching my alcohol-infused spirits tactics, I came across a lot of drink recipes, especially of the “bacontini” variety, probably because people think it sounds clever. Many of these involved bacon-infused alcohols, of which I have none. (Yet!) But when I saw pictures of pieces of bacon sticking out of martini glasses, and I saw […]

Bacon Week: Bacon Pot Sticker Recipe

I actually bought the fixins for “regular” pot stickers last week due to inspiration from Pass the Sushi.  I was going to make them with ground turkey and kale and all sorts of other healthy-type ingredients – BUT NOT ANYMORE. …Sort of.  Now we’ll be tossing some bacon in to tell those pot stickers who’s […]

Bacon Week: Devils on Horseback

With a couple extra pieces of uncooked bacon that I didn’t need for my bacon-infused spirits, I elected to continue my celebration of Bacon Week by making Devils on Horseback. What the heck are devils on horseback you might ask? Well, I am not talking about the historical Western romance book series. Nor am I […]

Bacon Week: S’more-Bacon Bites Recipe

And so the baconation continues here at Bacon Week. Today we have S’more-Bacon Bites: small snacks full of chocolate, marshmallow, graham crackers and, of course, bacon.   D’aw, how cute. Have you ever been to a chocolate or fudge shop where you can get chocolate-covered marshmallows?  That’s where I originally got this idea.  Awhile ago […]